Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

A Strike back against Stryker

Don't F**k with Stockwell

Since our last run, the news has got a hold of security footage of the team and with Ranz not having a fake ID, he got his face thrown up for all the world to see and now has a detective after him. So he is trying to buy some info on the guy and will have to figure out how to get that monkey off his back. In the meantime Stockwell wants a meet at a warehouse in the Redmond Barrens, I explain we are down some runners but he still wants us to show up. So I grab a cab and meet Ranz there. Out in the wasteland of the barrens it appears the mob keeps this place in good shape and there is even a green house on the roof, with the black van we dropped the daughter at and a black sedan parked out front.

I ping Stockwell and he invites us in for a chat, we grab seats next to him and Loki on the black leather couch inside. “The Don has a problem” the words coolie eking out of Stockwell’s mouth. “Someone in the Family is trying to displace Guido and you two need to find out who” He thinks it is internal treachery at work, with both Riza and now apparently someone calling themselves SGT. Pepper of the UCAS attempting to frame Kik into offing Guido.

Since we are already in the barrens I share with Ranz that when this “Sgt. Pepper” threatening to expose me the UCAS (which I am wanted as a deserter) called me, I traced the signal nearby in the Redmond Barrens and suggest we try to find the site and see if it has any answers. Stockwell says to call him or Loki if we need help and me and Ranz know with our missing crew members we will need help. The taxi arrives shortly and we head North West towards the trace location.

We cruise for a long time and when the Taxi driver begins to get impatient, he offers to help us out all day for $500, which I agree to since we don’t know how long this will take. As you need matrix access to send calls out here, we kept cruising around until we found some signals to check out, there were several sites but two seemed to be the most promising. A cannery and an apartment building. Ranz suggests the Cannery so we roll over to it first, grab spots to scope it out nearby and then slowly make our way inside. With Ranz invisible and me slinking around we make it to the main cannery room, we found evidence of scrounging going on.

Soon after a drone appears and has Ranz in his site and a few goons come across the way, one wielding a shotgun and demanding to know what we are doing there. Clad in leathers, it takes me a few moments to realize these guys might work for one of Machine Gun Mikes affiliates, but it was too late, Ranz began to influence one of them to blast on the other. Soon the two were blasting each other and forgot all about us, so me and Ranz exited stage right, called the cab and bounced to the apartment building.

A little down the street is another apartment building, a little taller than our target building, so we head inside and up to the top to scope our target. which has several squatters and junkies living inside, we mind our own business and the mind theirs as we reach the top and peer out across the waste to see what we can see. When I compare matrix signals I was called on and this place, I get an exact match and soon after a motorcycle arrives at the complex we are staking out and it is the chick in Red Leathers!I am soon on my comm to Stockwell, “Target in sight, can we get some assistance?” “Be there in 30” Stockwell replies.

Stockwell shows up in power armor and with some help a beautiful Elf named Madison with enough fire power to make and Street Sam drool. She sets up on the roof with a rifle and drones as I approach the building near the motorcycle and I set up a KG of explosives near it in case one of them tries to run for it. Madison pings us “My drone is having trouble getting inside for recon” “Ok, we will see what we can do” with the downstairs entrance locked down tight, me and Ranz make our way to the rooftop, me climbing and Ranz levitating across fro the stake out position.

Ranz lands in some micro wire and gets entangled so I cut a path to him and we try to get the air ducts open for the drone but they all appear to be welded shut. So we cut our way over to the door and auto pick it open, the drone buzzes downstairs as soon as it opens. We wait and Madison soon has an image feed for us of the inside. To our surprise Stryker the woman in Red, an Orc and a man working a computer terminal are all in a room on the 3rd floor and appear to be planning an attack on the Mansion we visited when we first met Stockwell and Loki.

“We crash the first gate” Stryker points to a crudely made diagram of the gated community. “Then we will provide you covering fire while you blow the inside gate” gesturing towards the Orc. Stockwell hits us up “Get them in sight and call me and I will make a distraction” With that me and Ranz began to creep down the stairwell, but soon run into cameras, trip wires and drones set up in the hallway as alarms for intruders. Thinking it over, it appears I need to go on alone as the B&E of the group but Ranz can help and assists me with some of his magic.

Within a few minutes I am dancing around trip wires, sneaking around cameras and drones on my way to the target. It appears this is a runners haven from several modifications to the building, including how Strykers team appears to be in a panic room with barred windows, steel shutters on the windows and a large vault type door, ready to snap shut in case of trouble. I do the best I can and make it to the target but as I toss my first neuro stun grenade into the room, it is apparent they are on to me.

But it will be to late for them, I two grenades into the room before the Red Lady and the Orc go running for it with the vault door closing soon after. Stockwell is soon racking the building with vibrations as he burst through the front door and makes it up to the floor I am on and Ranz descends from the room to intercept anyone trying to get out that way. Stockwell starts into melee with the Red Lady but she dances around him and dives out the window. I mouth a quick message to Madison “Target coming your way, take her out!!” With a response only coming as heavy concussions of rifle fire from out side.

I blow the explosives I planted near the bike earlier just in case Madison cannot take her out, we cannot let her or any one escape. Stockwell quickly crushes the Orc underfoot, however we are getting frantic calls from Ranz upstairs for help, a spirit has shown up and is more than the shaman can handle. Stockwell begins to work over the vault door between him and Stryker. Me and Ranz in a combined effort take out the spirit and as we get back downstairs to Stockwell, he has Stryker and the hacker zipped tied and unconscious from my grenades in custody and making a phone call.

“Thanks, I will wire you some money, I will be in touch and take what ever you want” he gestures to the room. Me and Ranz begin an epic looting spree and even take the Orc to Little Big Time to chop up his cyber ware and sell out for a cut.


memjob Kik

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