Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Another Job Another Couple Dead Bodies

So Tom how is life? I have been having a good time trying to make ends meet. I think that you should quit the patrol beat and join me. It’s got about the same amount of dirty work as we got when we we run that undercover narco sting. Anyways this last job was supposed to be a easy snatch and grab on top of a hit for that Pimp Killer guy from Cherries. You remember him. We met our contact at this upscale club. They served real food dude. I got down to my favorite pass time which is stuffing my face. I was deep into a plate of nachos when we got ushered into a back room to meet Ms. Johnson. She was some kind of high priced lawyer type. Anyways, Arty got to doing his best to get us a good price on the job Johnson wanted us to do.

Like I said, she wanted us to grab this accountant guy and eliminate the Pimp Killer. She was paying really good for both jobs. Once the terms were settled she left us alone and (best part) she picked up the bill. I got right down to the surf and turf. I need to get this new stomach a test drive. (Dude I will give you the low down on that story later). So once we were done eating we decided to the accountants house. Kik got some info on the guys house. We headed that way. Once we got there I made everybody park near this house party where some kids were getting toasted. Ranz voodoo’d some kids into going over to our target house to TP it. I was laughing my ass off. When the kids headed over there they got roughed up by some boys we met that work for the DON.

That changed everything for us, I called a contact with the DON who told us that they were also looking for the accountant. They also told me that if we took out Pimp Killer they would take it personal. Funny the friends you make when your on this side of the game. So we decided to stay in the good graces of the DON. We approached the guys he had outside the house. We made nice with them and they let us scope out the house. Kik got to checking on the computer while the other guys searched the place. It was already trashed. I got myself a nice painting. It’s hanging over my desk right now. It’s some crazy colory thing. So Arty found out that accountant type likes to gamble a lot. We didn’t find anything else.

Our next stop was the accountants office. I stayed outside while Kik, Ranz, and Marshall went inside. I don’t what happened but next thing I know they are saying they are coming out with a body and Marshall dragging along. So I was going to help out with this security guard. I swear I was only going to zap him into dreamland. But it’s like that time in the Inferno remember that dwarf? My rounds ended up downing the guard. So we grab him and this Asian the guys caught in the office. We boogied on out of there. We had to dump the guard. A cheap funeral you know.

So we took the Asian to a hotel in Tacoma. One of those hourly places. I put the screws to him and got some info from him with Arty’s help. Turns out Yakuza guys have some kind of internal bomb installed. This guy nearly took us all out. Kik was in bad shape. I called Little Big Time who patched up Kik and me. We then headed to this place called the Happy Cat. A Triad gaming place in Tacoma. I know what your thinking but no I don’t have a death wish. So we got to this place and boom there’s our accountant. Ranz nearly exploded his head trying to whammy the guy into leaving. Good on him. Ranz finally got him to get off his table. I nearly botched the whole thing up when he was walking to the door. He finally left but the Triad’s men were not happy. I had to resort to some gun play (again) but the others got the guy and we were done. Crazy right? You need to come play you’d really like it. See you later dude. <message>


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