Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Artifacts nabbing for for Creepy guys in Pullyup

It’s the new year Jax’s been helping her mother at the soup kitchen. The rumor mill is in over drive, but something that stands out to you in particular is that a lot of homeless, women, and children are disappearing in downtown. And the real weird part is no one seems to remember them. Worst of all Knight Errant has found a few bodies, and they were in bad shape. Almost as if something wild attacked them, but with human intelligence since it went after the vital parts. Jax decides to contact his group to see if anyone had a contact with the Knight Errant. She finds out Wild Bill had one told him if he could get any info about the bodies found that K-E found what dates they were killed. She tells him she’s trying to find a pattern. Bill contacts his cop friend. Says he would get the info we need if he do a job for him. I guess Bill decides to go forward on it. So he had to get some sample of some new drug.
Get a call from Brufus. He called Rocky, Wild Bill, Quinn and Jax. Has a run for him to get somebody something. Wants us to meet at some place up in Pullyup. For some Port job.
We all get to the ruins of some Church in Pullyup. Door looking new on the church lookout of place. The church looks all sealed up just the front door and some glass work and new stone works done. It also make the look like it was tried to be repair. Wild Bill says he notices some magical wards on the place. As Quinn knocks on the door Bill tries to stop him but too late. The doors opens and an elaborate looking church inside. Quinn notices a cross do Charlamangne. The door closes behind us. Most of us notice other people. Some on the balcony that Bill can see with his assencing.. One in the pews. Jax and Quinn go to sit behind the fellow in the pew. He has a scar on his neck he has some rough calloused hands and a thousand mile stare. He goes onto tells us that he has a job to retrieve 3 artifacts at the Tacoma port shipyard before it goes through customs and with a week. After some negotiations with Quin and Jax and this fellow I the pew. We get offered:
10,000 nuyen per item (3 items)
20,000 nuyen Hazard pay
10,000 nuyen extra from negotiation successes as well.
He sends us the crate numbers that the artifact are in. And send us some photos to all us as to what the artifacts are.
A. A sword (troll size)
B. Shield
C. Chain mail shirt.

Quin finds out who the owner of the Artifacts. He has a list of 40 artifacts.
Quinn hurt himself doing some hacking and Jax steadies the damage and heals him.
After Quinn does some more work finding info on the job, he finds some information about the artifacts we need to nab.
Deider Vaughn who use to work for Saeder-Krupp owns the artifacts. He brought them here for an exhibition. Too bad he’ll be missing a few pieces.
Jax finds out that the shipping port in the TACOMA are run by Knights Errant security.
So she puts together a disguise as a Knights Errant security guard and travels down to the Safehouse that Quinn paid for in Tacoma where she meets up with the rest of the group.

Wild Bill tells Jax that there are some things wrong either uniform. so she goes shopping and some seeing and finally after spending 200 nuyen she was able to come up with. Class one Knight Errants Port Security uniform.

So we try to figure out how we’re going to get into the shipyard port. Jax suggest that we get a coyote to get us in and out. Which cost us 15,000 nuyen. Rocky, Jax, and Bill all pay 5000 to get the coyote which Brufus gets us. Jax calls the coyote and he tells her to meet him at 10 pm at River St. and Washington.

Bill sets up at meeting to trade the drugs to some who’s name is McPherson. Jax and Rocky come to body guard the drug business Jax doesn’t know all the logistic. She only goes as back up body guard. Same with Rocky we both both go with concealed headgear not to give away our appearances.after the exchange we all leave. Jax gets on her bike and goes her own way. Later Bill shows up quite upset. tells me how he thinks his cop contact might not be alive. And that the MCPherson fellow nabbed him. Only confirming to Bill that he works for him. And let him go after some spirit he thinks killed his cop friend.

We meet a coyote . He’s a swarthy looking guy with a beat up looking leather and a hard hat.
He leads us through this sewer. We finally start to smell the sea inside the sewer. We know we’re getting close to the port. We we’re travel about 5 mile to a manhole cover that opens in the cargo area of the port. The group was amazed as to how close he got the to the prize. Quite impressed. Anyhow once we open the manhole cover, everyone quietly sneak on to the surface. Quinn begins to make a move around one of the cargo holds when he almost slams right into a a security man. Jax leaps out of hiding landing blow into the jaw of the guard hoping to knock him down. Then Bill charges foward gutting the guard with some large dagger. Rocky comes foward and gives hima stun punch. Nothing brought him down. Quinn begins to get matrix signals coming from the guard and tells everyone needs to go down now he’s hot. The guard then seems to whip out a stun baton and use it on Rocky. It only tickled him. Jax though was a little nervous. She she uses her Iaijutsu move and whips out her katana and I one swift move strikes the guard down. Bill begins searching the dead guy looking for his commlink. He finds it throws it to the ground and crushes it. Quinn the tells us he still hot. We think out loud. Street Doc. Bill finds the bracelet and crushes as well. Quinn looked over the cargo holds figuring which ones need to be open. He finds the first one on end it and star pulling out crates. Group begins to open the crates.while Quinn does a matrix check and scan the surrounds of trouble. He tells us there a signal coming there way. We split up. Me and Rocky check out one holds as the other two check out the other. Jax has been using the monofilament whip to open the crates. She smile and thinks what a great can opener. The other two notice a security car coming their direct they decide to ambush the guard Jax and Rocky stat silent while the car pulls up. Jax then hears the sound of gunfire thinks great now we really got to hurry. Jax uses the monofilament whip on the locked door of the cargo box. Snaps right off. Rocky opens the door first to see a limousine in the box. Rocky attempts to put his fist through the glass only for the glass to bounce back and hurting his hand. Jax realizes that considering the length of this cargo hold and the limo there might be something behind the car, Jax find some crates that appear to be odd shaped. She opens it to find the last two pieces of the mission. The sword and the shield. They all pack their stuff up enter the sewer and meet up with their coyote named Zeke. He brings them out safely.
Quinn makes a call to the Mr. Allister. Tells us to meet him at the Stuffer Shack. We show them the artifacts in the back of the van we borrowed, they gave us cred sticks with a full 70,000 nuyen that’s a 10,000 added bonus.


17,500 nuyen each
7 karma
Real Tacoma port security uniform
Few pottery pieces, and a magical dagger.
Ares Predator V (Jax wants if no one else)
Mr. Johnson (The Order, Allister) Connect 3 LoyLty ?
Zeke the Coyote. Connection ? Loyatly ?


If you want to Buy Zeke he is a Loy 1, Connection 2 – Coyote with a specialization in Urban Environments.

Allister – You get him at Loyalty 1, He won’t do anything for you unless you spend 4 karma to buy him. Or if you do more jobs for him.

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