Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

In Search for the Baroness

Nov 20th. 2075

Jax gets a call from Drake. Said he’s got a run. Suppose to meet him at a bar called the Cathode Glow. So Jax gets there and sees Drake, Wild Bill, and Rocky there as well. Wild Bill was already inside talking to his girlfriend who’s a waitress there. We all walk in together. The Cathode Glow is a bar filled retro arcade machine all cluster around the place in an unordered manner. Lots of neon and other retro lighting. We all know it’s a hackers hangout. We notice a drinks counter at the rear of the place where a server drone was taking orders and serving drinks. Drake goes to the counter and order a drink from the drone. At the counter we see a good looking elf with a Mohawk. We introduce each other and he tells us his name is Shreak. Shreak pulls out a white noise generator and turns it on. Jax knows how important meets are. She has a few surveillance fraggers herself. We all introduce each other. Shreak begins to tell us about this friend that disappeared few weeks back. Wants to hire us to find her. He tells us she goes by the name the Baroness. He never actually seen her in person but tells she has character for an MMO online called Shadowrun.
Shreak goes on to tell us she’s low level tech server for the Renraku corperation. She has an apartment in Redmund on a Renraku complex.
Jax didn’t know what happened next but somehow Bill and Shreak came up with some (6 months) video footage of her from a mechanical ferret. We ask how much and Shreak tells us 6,000 nuyen each. Jax tries to negotiate more but Shreak says it’s what the job pays. We shake hands on it and leave the bar. Then Wild Bill had us follow him into some secret room with several security doors then we all notice when we get to the last room we all get scanned. Jax say s " what the frag is that about Bill". He tries to come calm us and gave us a bullshrek answer. Jax takes it passive but Drake and Rocky gave Bill a doubtful look. This was when Bill actually gave us 6 months of video footage made from that ferret that followed her around her apartment. She’s a black human woman. Jax spends a full two days looking at last 4 days in fast speed. She knew the ferret was there all the time Jax could tell. Only thing she find most curious is some device she took memory chips in and out of. Sends some video footage to the rest of his group. We discover it to be some sort of hacker hardware. We have Shreak gather any police records or what and he comes up with a bunch of speeding tickets. Jax notices that the tickets were given in an area of Redmond that was out of place for the area she got them. Jax and Drake decide they need to infiltrate the Baroness room. They find out there’s going to be a party in the apartment building.So they set up disguises to look like Japenese humans. Since Renraku don’t like metatypes. Jax and Drake made it in the party. Jax roams around till she finds a restroom. Checks out the rest room notices a small window she could barely fit through. While this is going on Drakes disguise is so good a 3 young girls came up to him and try to get him to follow the into the kaeroke room. He accidentally spills a drink on him and excuses him to the men room where an elder woman tries to help him clean his shirt. He finally gets only. While this is happening, Jax dresses into her chameleon outfit and puts her party dress in her bag and tosses it through the window. She sneaks out and into the stare well across the hall. She meets Drake and they go to the 3rd floor where her apartment is located. Drake uses his old fashion method of getting a print off the door of the Baroness. Jax got the code key from watching the video footage. Along with Drakes thieving skills. They were in in no time. First thing they notice was the place was ransacked. So they start doing a thorough search for secret compartments. Jax noticed that the Hacker hardware had been dismantled on one side of it. Jax finds a dead body in the bedroom. Male elf had his throat cut. Sends a photo to the others in the group on the commlink. We find the ferret crushed. Drake takes all the electronic parts of the ferret. We both leave Jax escapes through the bathroom window.
While this is going about, Wild Bill and Rocky go to check out the area where Jax notices the speeding tickets given in Redmund. They run into a massive crowd. Almost all the gangs in Seattle are there representing with auto corperations along with many stocked cars. Hunch is the Baroness was into nice cars when Jax also notice some footage of a certain model car with a certain color that she got I into at the last of the footage. Appear Wild Bill found the car. Owner was some Yakusa named Yang. He negotiated with the Yang and was able to buy the Baroness car and get her name Sharon Johnson. Now somehow Wild Bill and Shreak worked out a deal where he would pay us 4,000 extra to retrieve from some dive that this Sharon is to be found. Some concert at a dive called “Underworld 93”. Jax heard a rumor that the place is run by a dragon.
So we all go down to this dive. We notice s few Yakusa about. (Looks like the Fillmore concerthall). We roam about when we finally notice Sharon up on the balcony surrounded by Yakusa men. We all go to where the Yakusa bouncers are guarding entry to the balcony area. She seduces and uses a bit of etiquette to persuade her to enter the Balcony area. The Wild Bill somehow persuade them as well. His con he was trying wasn’t convincing enough so he left. Then one of the Yakasu men sitting with what appears to be a boss notices me and comes over to ask what I’m doing here. Jax say I’m here for recruitment. He says show me what you got? She goes into a combat stance she learned through martial arts training. They pummel shortly but enough for the bouncer to call it off after Jax flips him over onto the floor. He ask for her phone number. She gives him the phone number off her cheap Meta phone as he tells her to meet at some certain place few evenings from now. Then the Boss waives her over to him and winks. As she leave goes toward the boss the Yakusa loser slaps her ass. She thinks to herself how. Next loser that slaps my ass will end up with a prosthetic one. Jax sits down next to the boss. She seduces him. Her con is easily convincing. While Jax sits she watches Sharon. After awhile the concert ends, people start leaving , Jax notices Sharon beginning to move towards a fire escape exit. Jax persuade the boss that she must go so Jax gets up and starts to follow Sharon and the Yakusa man out onto a fire escape which is 3 floors up. While doing this Jax is putting on her Stun gloves. She’s queuing in her commlink it’s on. As she gets out on the fire escape in between Sandra and the Yakusa guy, she notices a flatbed van parked right down in front and a car parked behind the van at the end of the building. First thing that happens is the Yakusa she standing next to attempts to reach around a grab her. Jax grabs his arm and gives him a good jolt putting down the ground shaking in convulsions. Rocky and Drake move in towards the van when guy with an AK gets out of the car. Rocky attempts to throw a shurakin at guy with AK of the van. Misses though as the AK guy start suppress fire on Rocky. The troll dives behind a dumpster taking a few scratches. Drake is sneaking up on the guy in the front passenger seat. The passenger was beginnig to get out of the van and draw a Katana. Drake swipes him with two daggers cutting him. Jax was searching the fallen Yakusa guy take his Browning Ultra-power pistol and a monofilament whip. Sandra at the time seems a little shocked. Jax takes a shot at the guy with the AK with the pistol but misses. Gets Sandra to follow her down the fire escape.
Now is was quite an impression when next she sees Rocky charge and rage himself punching a large hole through the van leaving a shredded troll-hole in the other side of the van and knocking the back passenger right out the other side almost knocking Drake over. That’s how Rocky got the nickname “Missile”. The driver in the van turns and shoots at Rocky. The Troll shrugs the round off. Now guy at the car with an AK starts to suppress fire on the rear off van making Swiss cheese out of it. Drake finishes off the passenger with his daggers. Rocky clinches the fellow he knocked out of the van and thunderslams him killing him. By this time Jax and Sandra are at the second floor fire escape Jax jumps off the fire escape landing on the van driver who had gotten out of the van knocking him to the ground. Then she uses her shock gloves on him keeping him unconscious. Drake turns around throwing one of his daggers at the guy with the AK. Dagger sticks him in the eye. The AK turns around and flees down the street. Jax nabs the cobra machinegun and gets Sandra in the van. Wild Bill then comes around the corner totally late. We all jump into the van. Bill gets in the driver seat and we sped off. We met with Shreak and brought Sharon. We told him it’s be good if you leave town for awhile. He pays us. We were able to negotiate a couple of future favors from Shreak.
Mission accomplished.
Little Bigtime


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