Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

July 12th 2073

A Mobsters daughter

Line up change: Snory to Ranzeroks, New Character Arthur is a Face

>>> Part I forgot to write down, what did we originally contact Murphy for? I did not add coffee scene even though I wrote it down because I was not there for it <<<

Got a call from Wild Bill about a job through his fixer Vinnie, we are to meet at the Stuffer Shack in the Redmond Barrens to meet up with everyone else before cruising to the mansion for the client meet. As I cruise to the site I take notice that Redmond is divided by the have and have nots, it appears the Yakuza and Mafia run Redmond but there are several gangs laying claim to the Territory. The Brain Eaters, Red Hot Nukes, Rusted Stilettos, Crimson Crush, Silver Roses and the Spiders are also roaming Redmond. Mr. Antlee, a mob boss was our contact for the next job, we are to go to 104 Mockingbird Lane and when we arrived we found it to be a gated community with hard points, roving security drones, micro wire fencing and the Shaman as says the place is magically warded. As it was Wild Bills contact, he hit the buzzer for 104 and we waited about 10 minutes before two black town cars arrive apparently running fossil fuels, upon request we leave our weapons with our vehicles outside the gate as a well dressed suit steps out and asks us to get in, I was here to make money, not enemies, so I got in and kept my mouth shut. The short ride takes us to a large mansion in the middle of the gated community, “A compound in a compound” one of my companions mutters as we arrive to see a five story house with watch towers and it’s own security features. Once at the doorstep we are led inside to a dining room that was a mix of fashion and security, a womens touch in a fortress. Two trolls step out at both doorways, one named Stockwell as big as the door way itself and one smaller for a troll named Loki carrying a sword as big as he was. Mr. Antlee followed shortly behind them, a Mafiosa for sure wearing an expensive suit and greased back hair. I begin to record the transaction just in case and then Mr. Antlee begins to speak, “Before I talk about payment or any details, you must agree to do the job” We all nod to one another, after all that is why we are here. The mobster had a problem, his daughter Valerie was kidnapped this morning around 4AM, and today his wife Victoria has to take a data chip to a coffee house in Seattle the Sierra Madra and make a swap at 7PM, the chip for her daughter. He wants to not only get his daughter back but we will get a bonus if we can secure the data chip, he also does not want any attention brought to him or his organization. Being my line of work I ask to review the security footage and look at were the kidnapping took place to see if any information can be gained. The daughter has a tracking chip on her but the signal went dead around that time, and the don provides us with her medical records showing she has diabetes and is 6 years old with blonde hair. Our only clue is that his biggest rival is the Russians, as the conversation comes to a close he warns “Any harm done to her will be done to you” Arthus speaks up about pay and we quickly commling one another and settle on 15K Nuyen unless he offers more, with some percentage upfront. The Don offers 20K but upon asking if he will pay some upfront a flash of anger is directed at Arthur, we agree upon the price, more than I had expected. With that we part ways and I follow Stockwell to the girls bedroom and begin to work backwards how I would break in, the security footage gives me little, the came over the south wall, a black van, a camera obscured by tree branches and a shadowy figure. However the court yard gave me the big clue, blood smeared on a statue on his run to the house window. Arthur, with contacts throughout the city takes the sample from me and makes arrangements to get it over for analysis. Wild Bill has to make a run to his place to grab his gear, Arthur needs to get the sample to his contact while Ranz and Marshal head to the coffee shop to get situated and pull up a map of the coffee shop where the meet is to go down, it is in a tourist area off of Market Street about a 1/2 mile from the Orkish underground. The Ork underground? I know someone… I give Pip a ring and ask if there is anything going down tonight, he mentions some gang clash between the Diablo’s but nothing like what I am looking for, with that I make a terrible mistake, I ask Pip to lead me through the Ork underground to the entrance to the coffee shop. With that decision I miss the meet with the wife at the coffee shop and come out of the drain in time to learn the meet went bad, the Wife is hurt and the assailant got away.

>>> Insert coffee shop scene here <<<

I get a message from Arthur with pictures of what happened, with mention of a phone call he got where we get a second chance at a meet in the Ork underground at the Goblin Market. Just about the time I begin my climb to the road side the Woman in a red jumpsuit, the very one who handed 4 of my companions their asses crosses me path full throttle on her bike heading for the underground. I put my new computer skills to work, hack her signal and get a trace trying to find where she is heading. I only get a short trace but no exact location to where she is going. My commlink chirps as everyone on the line gets messaged from Arthur, Hammond Drothers, AKA Stryker is a B&E expert who the blood belongs to, he is wanted by the Russians and Knight Errant. Not going to foul this up again I immediatly call a cab and get a ride to the Market, where and I meet Pip and have him look for our target while I monitor nearby commlink traffic. Pip finds our target and I pay him handsomely to get me close, where I begin my creep of the group, a human, Ork, the female biker and Stryker. I pop a live feed to everyone and catch wind of Stryker saying “Once the trade is done, kill the Girl” We the meet time approaching everyone gets in position and one of Strykers team, the Human peels off from the rest and a short time later Wild Bill reports in “One down” three to go. Maintaining my stealth I follow the group and just as Stryker calls out for Marshal, Ranz and Arthur to not come any closer a neuro stun grenade leaves my hand, set to explode on impact. The Ork does his best to catch it, but he is too slow even with all his cyberware. The fight gets brutal as Stryker vanishes, the Ork goes down from the gas grenade, Arthur takes him out with several shots, and Wild Bill ends up playing tug of war with the daughter and the Woman who ends up pumping Wild Bill full of holes and drops him. She and Stryker appear to flee, with Ranz going down some time during the fight and Marshal ending up with the daughter, we haul ourselves out of the underground, turn the daughter over to the Mafia and get paid! I take Wild Bill to his street doc contact and wire money to Arthur to pay his forensics expert. Bill calls Murphy to find out what we owe him, but Murphy only replies “I will get back to you on that” Damn, now we owe Murphy a favor, the guy who almost got us killed the last run.

>>> End message <<<



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