Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Kik's last run and new beginnings...

Retirement time

Kik delves into Mark Elben’s DMV record and find he lives in Sunrise Tower, the first 5 stories are offices, the next 10 are studios and the rest appear to be penthouse’s with Mark’s being on the 16th floor.

Digging around on some Sunrise post I see Mark is due to be at the Father of Lie’s concert on Friday and me and the gang try to decide if we hit him before the show in his penthouse.

But in the meantime I get more weird messages… My paranoia reaches an all time high I wire Zipper 10K Nuyen to try to track the people who are stalking me, she says the messages I have been getting are coming from all over the city and she is able to close a backdoor that was open in my comm link but that offers me little relief and I end up hiding out in my basement clutching my gun with a tin foil hat on as the guys do some leg work trying to figure out the next move.

A day passes and we meet at Mark’s penthouse, Ranz goes inside and scopes the place as a utility worker and manages to get a good look around with a lead on Mark’s eye candy.

We wait outside and as Mark and his groupies leave we tail them to the space needle, the park and go inside while we continue to stake out.

When suddenly a message from Zipper hits my comm and she says they are right on top of me as a strange van pulls up behind us. I pull my grenades and begin a charge but get shot to pieces by a drone. A soldier appears out of the van and tells me to stand down which I laugh at, I am not going back.

The guys end up saving my ass I get shot and blown up (by my own grenades I detonated next to my attacker) They get me patched up and I drop Little Big 10K Nuyen for his trouble. But it is time for me to say goodbye to Seattle and find a nice little hole to hide in.

Maybe in New York I will be able to disappear….


memjob Kik

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