Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

New Group

Drake’s Log <encrypted> (for private use only, any hacker looking at this, FUCK YOU!!!)

Brufus got in touch with me about running with a group, been doing the freelance gigs for a while so might be a good change of pace. The contact wants to meet at a biker bar in Redmond, not really my scene, but I slipped in. The contact is an hispanic human named Mr. Johnson, obliviously fake, but to each his own. His employers wish for the group to steal some blueprints from a government building, seems simple enough, not sure the reason for the team, but in the end we needed everybody anyway. The team is interesting, a hacker that kept to himself for the most part, forget his name; a troll named Rocky, good for a fight and thinks he can sneak and finally there is Jax, elf con artist. We case the building and find security light, while the hacker works through the system Jax seduces a guard from the building and Drake was able to grab, copy and return his keycard with some distractions from Jax and Rocky playing the angry boyfriend.

The next night we hit the place, we used the keycard to gain entrance into the building and snuck past the camera (except the Hacker, he had to stay outside). We made it to the stairwell when a guard almost caught wind of us, we got into the stairwell and almost fooled him into thinking it was the other guard, but then he had to open the door. I few hits from Rocky and Jax and the guard was down. We stripped him and left the body in the stairwell. We moved up to the floor with the records and found it was a maze of rooms and a clerk was working. Jax went over to knock her out with a stun gas grenade, but took herself out as well. Fortunalty the clerk’s computer was still on, so we searched it for the room and found it. The room itself was actually locked down more than it should have been, but we got in. At this time someone must have found the knocked out guard, because the hacker told us the alarm had been sent. We grabbed the plans and a few more, drew some anarchistic graffiti and detroyed some equipment to hide our tracks.

We ran downstairs with Rocky holding onto Jax and used the parking garage exit, as the hacker informed us Knight Errant had arrived. As they went through the front the hacker opened fire on them to get their attention as we dashed out the side street. unfortunatly Rocky and I were still chased and shot at, I was able to evade all fire, but Rocky was hurt bad. The hacker escaped another direction, he was pretty shot up, but survived. Rocky and I made it down a couple of blocks and crawled through a window to hide in an apartment. Not the most dignified end to the mission, but it worked, we escaped from Knight Errant.

Mr. Johnson paid us for the items and seemed fairly happy with the work. Seems like it will be interesting working with a group.


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