Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Ranz's 15 minutes of fame (part 1)

Zoey, Ben, corps and gangs

Ranz has been doing dirty bar gigs with his band and he is approached by a fashionable Elf in expensive clothes named RE Arcasium (Sunrise – AA corp). He is wanting a favor, get a band signed to his label and Ranz and his band will get a contract for an album. But things always have a catch, the band he wants get on his label is named “Father of Lies” So Ranz and his guys eager for a shot in the spotlight go and a see a FOL show and the band doesn’t really have their shit together.

They have equipment problems, their stage presence isn’t great and their appears to be some internal strife. Ranz approaches the band after the show and tries to get a introduction but the lead singer seems to ignore him so he delves into magical abilities and tries to get more out of him. It turns out FOL was screwed by the label RE Arcasium works for, not getting very far with his own social skills he gives Arthur a call for some help. Arthur soon arrives on site and gets filled in on what the deal is, RE just wants the song writers and doesn’t care about the rest of the band.

The song writers are Zoey Griffin, Ben Kennedy (who is also the guitarists) Ben also has a brother in the band Miles who is the drummer. Arthur approaches the bassist Don for an autograph and bribes him to get into the back and meet the rest of the band. Ranz get an assensing of the guys and it turns out the keyboardist is a technomancer, with Ben and Miles are magicians. Arthur finds out the band is with Top 5 records so they call me to look into things.

Top 5 records is a small to medium record label that has recently had a couple of scuffles with our labels, a bus crash that killed a band that left Top 5 was blamed on the company. Turns out the lead singer of FOL is the son of the chairman of Top 5, Zoey is the original singer of the band but she disappeared about 2 years ago when the band switched labels.

Zoey was a part of Sunrise and fell off the Matrix when she disappeared and about that time she broke up with Ben. I pass along the info I find back to the guys to decide their next move including an email account I found for her which Arthur decides to contacts her, turns out she is still alive and set up a meet at the Alabaster Maiden.

With some downtime the guys bounce over to Zippers and drop off the guns we got out of the last run that had skin links, so they could be switched over to their new users DNA. They then cruise over to the Maiden and wait until well past the meet time and Zoey doesn’t show up, the go to leave and get ambushed outside. They fight and kill their attackers and pull some leathers off of them and identify them as Cholo’s.

The Cholo’s are known to deal in BTL’s and drugs and operate out of the Cat O Nine tails in the Puyallup barrens with ties out in California. I meet the guys are the shoot out and decide to go with them to find out why the Cholo’s attacked them. I give Machine Gun Mike a call and pay him to set up a meet for us.

We grab a cab and cruise down to the bar, and get dirty looks from the Cholo’s around the bar before we get the ok to go meet the boss Ortiz in the back. Because we paid for the meet Ortiz didn’t have us killed on site. Arthur does the social dance and finds out Zoey asked Ortiz for an out of the industry and he gave it to her, she now works as Nightingale over at Matchsticks. We bow out thankful to still be alive and make our way to Matchsticks.

We show up and I sit this one out at the bar and let Ranz and Arthur try to get the deal sealed. Ranz ends up changing his appearance to Ben and convinces her to come over to the record label but we have to have Mark Elben with Sunrise killed and a 5 record deal with 500K up front. Arthus makes the call to RE and he says that is no problem, do what we got to do, the charade plays out and now we just need to play puppet master to Ben and Miles to finish the deal.


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