Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Shits gettings weird...


“It has been unusually silent on the shadow boards recently. Many of the hackers and technomancers I know have been missing from the feeds for days. This is highly unusual. Rumors are swirling of a new form of the MATRIX being pre-alpha tested. It is said to transport users to other worlds like ours. They can live there for months, but only hours in real time. It is called SANCTUARY. The real disturbing thing is one of my fixers, Utico has disappeared or gone to ground. I try to stop by his safe house to find him…”

I get to Utico’s, the place is locked up tight and no signs of life, I grab a disposal comm and leave it at our usual drop point, with a message to call me if he needs me and I need some gear so he can make some money too. But before I can follow up Brufus calls, something about a job at the port and for me and the crew to meet at St. Abby’s Cathedral for a job.

Lon calls soon afterwords asking about a contact for the cops, he must have some baggage to take care of, I tell him I don’t know anyone and while I wait for my cab I dig into the matrix looking around about this SANCTUARY.

Hackers seem to be disappearing in groups, even some of the top ones like NULL, and once they go offline they are never heard from again. I jack out and go silent as the cab takes me to Puyallup. The old cathedral has a lava flow going through half of it and rather than just walk through the front door I hop up on it and try to go through the lava path but it has been walled back up.

Jaxx, Wild Bill and Rocky show up and poke around a little bit, Jaxx mentions something about some mojo going on around the building but not much I can do about it. We approach the doors and they swing open to reveal an immaculate church. We are greeted by a view of a large Charlemagne cross in the back and a guy sitting in the front row of the pews in the church. Rocky and Wild Bill hang back while me and Jaxx go up to find out what is going on. We sit at the pew behind him and he turns and has the appearance of a black suit, European made with a start of a scar on his neck.

We are to secure several objects from the Tacoma port that are being stored in cargo containers waiting to go through customs. He wants it in a week, the pay is 10K per object and he needs 3 items with 20K hazard pay as well, after some stalling on our part he decides to throw in an additional 10K . He does not know where the crates are in the port but has 3 tracking numbers for us and sends us 3 pictures of the art he wants. Medieval artifacts, a large sword, set of chain shirt and hood as well as a shield that matches his ring.

The items are destined for the Seattle museum of Art and he says to call him when we have the items and a drop off point will be assigned then. I make a call to a brothel in Tacoma and get us a room, on the ride over I hit the matrix looking for the owner of the goods so I can tie it back to the port and find the shipping containers. After some snooping around I find a name, Deter Bohn is the one loaning the artifacts from Hungary, there is about 40 items total and it turns out he is a businessman that used to work for Saeder-Krupp before he went private working securities and exports. – (

The matrix run was going good, _ found the containers being stored behind customs about a 1/4 mile in, all of them being close to one another but then the IC hits and I get dumped, almost bleeding out if it wasn’t for Jaxx. When I crawl back to consciousness my deck has been bricked up. The guys in the meantime are busy, Rocky going for his fights and Wild Bill looking for drugs? I never thought him the type. Jaxx in the meantime gets a Knight errant suit together for any deception that will be necessary.

While I repair my deck we start kicking around ideas to get in and out, which we end up calling Brufus and having him get us a coyote which will meet us near the port in 48 hours. When we all meet the coyote we all appear worse for wear, Rocky looking a little punch drunk, Wild Bill looking a little rattled and Jaxx nervously checking her disguise, I slip on my latex mask and gloves as we follow the coyote through the sewers. After several hours of trekking we come out right in the middle of the port, the coyote Zeke turns out to be worth his wait in cred chips.

As we make our way following the locations I got from the Matrix we encounter a guard and after a short brutal fight he is killed and I scramble the matrix signals pouring from his dying body until his comm link and his Doc Wagon alarm band. We then get to the first crate and throw it open and smash through the crates until we find the chain mail, I alert everyone to incoming matrix signals so me and Wild Bill climb on top the crate to ambush the incoming guard while Rocky and Jaxx head for the next container.

The guard shows up in a car and when he hops out to check out the ravaged container he hears Bill and shoots at him, Bill returns fire but I end up dumping a clip into him and take him down before smashing his comm and doc wagon bracelet.. We make quick work of the other containers grab the goods and split the scene.

The trade off with the Johnson goes smooth although eerie as his convoy surrounds us in a an abandoned donut factory and his crew does not have any trouble with the weight of the sword even though it almost maxed out Rocky.

We earn $17,500 each and 8 Karma also adding “Order Johnson” to our list of contacts at 2 loyalty and 3 connection.


The Order johnson is Loyalty 1.

Shits gettings weird...
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