Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Strange way to get a record contract (part 1)

My band Necronomicon was opening for some band in some dirty dive with my band mates when a fancy expensive clothed elf shows. We were opeing for a band called Twisted metal. Said he wants us to convince another band called “Father of Lies” to take a record contract with his record company. He said his name is Ari Zarkasian.
Mr. Zarkasian is an agent for “Sunrise”. So I go to check out the band. In between sets I go to talk to the lead singer. After some small talk with him Ranz figures this isn’t going to be easy.
Ranz decides to call up Arthur and have him help with negotiations.
Got through talking to Mr. Zarkanian He realy wants the song writers for the band. Zoey (unknown song writer), Ben Kennedy (guitar 5 in force for Magician who’s bound to a spirit or another person, song writer), Miles Kennedy (drummer & Ben’s brother). Arthur goes and talks with one of the bandmates. He decides to have him get an autographs copy. He meets the bass players name. Mike is a the keyboardist (Technomancer rating 5). Arthur finds out from the band member that they are with “Top 5 Records”. Chris Pendleton who’s the lead singer now is related to the owner of Top 5. There’s stories about band who were in contract with this label that dissapeared after they cancelled their contract. Arthur gets an old email address from Ben and he sends Zoey a message about joining a new band. He gets a reply while we are working on getting the meet done to purchase Music gear. We stopped by a place to have some new weapons skin link removed from them for Artur. Then we went to the Alabaster Restaraunt base on an email replay we got from her. We get there and spend abut 2 hours when Ranz, Arthur and Marshal. When we leave Arthur notices a sniper on the roof across the street and yells out sniper and pushes me back into the windbreak area of the front door. I fall grabbing Marshall and pulling him in with me. The sniper shoots Arthur in the back terribly wounding him. Then two more guys appear across the street and spray the front of the place with bullets. Ranz shoots a fireball at them. One get set on fire the other seem to be immune to the fireballs. Ranz then darts back into the restaraunt. After being quite stunned by the casting of the fireball casting Ranz slaps a stim patch to get rid of some stun damage. Marshal sees the sniper and shoots him through the scoped leaving a blood mist vapor for a head. Arthur shoots at one of the guys who fell from the fireball and takes his arm off killing him. Then Ranz casts an Improved reflex spell. We all notice a canister clinking near us. Ranz cast levitation on to the grenade and sends it flying back towards the last guys burning on the other side of a car. It explodes killing him.
They happen to be apart of a gang call The Enforcers. They are a 2nd rate gang.

2 predators with 2 clip
Ranger ARMs SM4.
2 Disposable commlink.
Armor vest.

We go to the Doc wagon hospital. Arthur gets healing there. Kik comes out to aid us. We get info on the colors the Go-gangers were connecting us to the Enforcers turf is in Pullyup.
We go to a biker bar called “Cat Of Nine Tails”. We go and get surrounded by possesive go-gangers. Ranz does and accessing on the group. One of the gangers ask what were’r doing here. Looking for Mr. Ortez. We meet up with him and tell about them being jumped by them. We negotiate with him talking to him we tell him were’r looking for a Zoey Griffin. Arthur starts to negotiate with Ortez who’s the gang leader of The Enforcers . after some time Ortez tells us we have to do 2 favors for him. We also find that he’s freinds with the Don. We find out Zoey works downtown in a dingy bar called Matchsticks under tha name “Nightengale”. The group of us went down. Found her at the back of the bar guarded by two bouncers. Arthur tries to get entry but the bouncers wouldn’t jet them. Ranz gets the idea to go outside and mask himself as Ben. He goes in and waives to Zoey. She waives the bouncers to let us by. Me and Arthur walk up and I introduce Arthur as my business agent. He takes over and they discuss a deal for a record contract. Ranz gets the feeling while they sitting there that she still likes Ben. After our meeting with Zoey we decide to meet up with Mr. Zarkasian and find out what he thought of Zoeys offer. Tells us to meet him at a bar.
Zoeys demands:
Mark Elbon dead, 5 record deal, and 500,000 nuyen.
We did a call with Mr. Zarkanian. told him the offer. He sound good about an issue.


memjob Ranzerox

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