Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

The Auction

Brufus calls us and tells us to meet up with the Spanish Mr Johnson to some random street corner near the Barrens.
We all room up on our bikes to the corner, plus some new guy infancy clothes rid his bike. We meet the new guy we heard about. Kyle: Decker (Technomancer), Jax heard about him in some runner dive. Does good work and reliable.
The group that shows up is:
Wild Bill – Gunslinger/Adept human
Drake- Theaf/Adept elf
Kyle- Decker (Technomancer Human
Rocky- MMA Fighter Troll
Jax- Ninja/Adept elf

At this time 4 trolls on bike come rolling up. Jax knows them by their identity to be called “The Enforcer”. Some go-ganger outfit.
They get off their bike blocking the street. They go up to Rocky asking why their in their Territory. Rocky tries to explain why were here. Wild Bill steps in to try to negotiate when Drake walks up and knocks over one their bikes.

Thinking too rash Jax does something stupid and quick draws her stun baton tries to hit one of the trolls but misses. Bill tries to step in and stop the fight from starting but the leader figures negotiating is way out of the question. Kyle backs away and tries too dissappear. Rocky takes an intimidating stance
The leaders keen back off and take a fighting stance. Two of the trolls take a swing at both me and Drake but miss. Then Rocky takes a hit but it bounces right off him.
Jax then decides it already going on too long. Her monofilament whip come out and attempts to strike the leader. Drake tries to stab one of the other trolls.
Two of the trolls pull out guns and shoots at Jax and Drake. Jax takes a bullet in the right shoulder making her whip arm painful to use. By the end of first round the leader had a slash through his front armor from Jax whip and Drake took the arm of one of the trolls with a gun dropping the gun and his arm. Bill shoots his room sweeper into the leader’s . After the leader drops. The two remaining trolls runaway leaving two bikes. One of the bikes started to take off. Kyle was able to shut down the automatic systems in the bike. One which Drake takes and Rocky take the other. Nice Troll size Harley’s Scorpoins.
While Jax is applying first aide on her wounds. A real fancy car with neon light trimming and a chandler swing inside pulls up. Mr. Johnson opens the car door and immediately comes out saying, something about hiring the gangers to frag with us. Jax was angered as she finishes putting the last gauss wrap on. “Mr. Johnson your a fragging piece of drek that’s what you are.” Before she says more he tells them all to get into his limo.
Auction in town:
Invitation Only.
Obtain an item discreetly
12000¥ ea. It’s is in lot #11 (looks like some Uzi Ares prototype 48,000¥)
Redmond district in a private residence
hosted: Carl Wentworth
Auction is in 48 Hours.
3000¥ up front 9000¥ later and a bonus if done discreetly.
Johnny Tango Mage runner that sometimes runs as a street doc
Heals me up after the run with the Troll gang.
Drake crashes his new Harley trying to take it home and totals it.
We all meet up at the place called the Tipper bar two block down the street from the possible warehouse that we might be buying for our Safehouse. She see a few gang member hanging.
She talks with them finds out that they’re with the “Choloes”.
Later in the Tipper bar after Bill shows up tells us after trying to deceive us that he owes the Choloes a couple of favors from two years back.
After some planning we set up for the mission.
Jax buys a new Ace Diamond female bussiness outfit. 2100¥ cost.
We rent a limousine. Ride up to the building with red carpet to the front door. We all enter the building. We hang out there till the cocktail hour is over. We then hear a chime and an announcement that the auction will begin in the convention room. We see all the items displayed in a roped off area in a square. Rocky notices steel doors that would come down and block all exits.
The Auction goes on and Jax notices that they a
Are bringing the auctioned goods out some door to a cargo elevator.
She commlinks Drake to see if he can find a cargo elevator. He excuse himself from the limo tells the guards he needs to go take a leak. He gets to the rear of the mansion when he notices a delivery area to the back of the mansion. He find a mag lock. Uses his sequencer to open the door (with some edge used).
He gets inside and roam about finding a food storage area. He commlinks us to find out the cargo elevator. We tell him that the elevator is in the middle of the building. He find a locked door to some room that their storing the auctioned items. This was near the cargo elevator in the middle of the building.
He unlocks the door to find a guard in there. He doesn’t notice him. Drake sneaks up from and strangles the guard from behind. He notices some of the cages down in here have people in them. He hides the guard. The he goes to the cage that has some artwork starting price 75,000¥. He gets into the cage. Then the gets himself into the cage and switches out the painting with the forged one he made. Then he get himself set up in a place to put the stealth tags put on the elf who bid on the gun. When the elf goes down the cargo elevator he has 2 guards. She they get down to his level. One of the guards notices the guard Drake strangled hidden away. The guards leave the elf to take a look. That’s when Drake made his play. He takes the moment to tag the elf the he sneaks to the cage where he opens the cage to some vampire named Katrina, some child and an Orc. 3 different cages.
When the vampire was let loose she gives Drake a big hug then she disappeared into mist. Then another guard enters the cage room. The vampire takes him down and starts feeding on him. By this time the lot 11 gun was fold and two other elves got up the same time as the other elf and starts for the front exit. Jax and Bill decide to follow the two elves out the front door without showing too much impoliteness in the auction. Bill and Jax notice the walking towards the loading dock at the back of the mansion. They step over the patio gate looking a little uncouth. Both Bill and Jax get some dirty looks. We follow the elves around to the back of the mansion where they loaded into some van. We all meet at the limo including the vampire lady named Katrina. As we go to the entrance of the mansion we notice that security is high. Drake asked the vampire if she could help. She says that she’ll do what she can. When we pull up to the gate she forcefully moves Rocky to cover her as the inside of the limo goes dark. Her and Rocky disappear as security flashes a flashlight into the limo only to see nothing. “Okay move along”. Kyle got a mark on the stealth tags put on the elf. That was it, but not over. We don’t have the gun yet.

3000¥ up front
8 karma


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