Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

The Baroness

Drake’s Log <encrypted> (for private use only, any hacker looking at this, FUCK YOU!!!)

Had another group job. Same group as before, except no hacker and an orc joined us named Wild Bill, seems to have some money and connections. Ice contacted me about a friend of his, Shriek, that needed help finding someone and was hoping I could get some runners to help him out, I always have a hard time saying no to Ice, so I contacted the prior group about meeting at a bar called Cathode Glow. Only was missing the hacker, really need to get his name again, his username really can’t be his real alias. Anyway, this place was hacker heaven, tons of games and robots for servers. Shriek was sitting with an Orc, WIld Bill, who seemed to have gotten wind of the job from someone else. Shriek was happy to hire all of us, so it was no problem. It appeared that Shriek’s cyber girlfriend had been missing for a week and wanted us to find her, seemed easy, so we took the job. They apparently played that Shadowrun MMO, not sure why, the last update broke so many classes, together a lot and as we learned from WIld Bill a little later, had a survelliance ferret in her place for 6 months. Wild Bill told us this when he brought us to the back of the bar, freaky place, even took our DNA for some no doubt nefarious purpose. She was an employee of Renraku, so Jax and I deciede to get into her place to investigate further. I was able to find a singles mingle at the her apartment complex, so that gave us our in. Jax was able to determine that she was a hacker and the keycard code by scanning the ferret footage. WIld Bill and Rocky used this time to investigate some speeding tickets from the Barrens and found she was into Street Racing and had lost her car in a bet with the Yakuza, which Bill bought. Jax and I disgused ourselves as humans, as the Renraku are generally racists assholes and got into the single mingle. I had a little trouble disengaging from the ladies, but Jax and I got up to her apartment, used an old thief trick to get through the thumbscan reader and searched it. Found the hacker equpment gone, a smashed ferret and a dead Yakuza in a secret compartment. We took his stuff and the ferret’s data and headed back to the party. Jax left quickly but I had stayed and mingled to not blow my cover. Got to say those Japanese women are eager to please, it was a good night all told.

Turns out the Yakuza had left a motorcycle nearby and I had his keyfab, guess who has a new motorcycle. The ferret showed the Yakuza taking the Baroness, but not without one casualty, guess she’s some kind of mage. We also were able to use the GPS on the bike, car was a bust (had been wiped clean) and some of the group’s mob knowledge to determine she was likely at some club called “Underworld 93”, which was likely run by a dragon. We got down there and WIld Bill was able to talk him and Rocky into the VIP area, I snuck in behind Bill. Jax was able to sweet talk her way in separately. When we got in, the girl was there, working at the controls. Bill tried to say the Yakuza boss that he bought the car from wanted the girl, but they weren’t having it and told us to wait until after the concert (club is also concert hall). So we waited downstairs, Jax was able to seduce her way into staying. This helped out as she told us when the girl was going out back, guess they didn’t believe Bill. We went out the back and tried to ambush the group (3 guys in a van, 1 guy in a chase car and the guy upstairs leaving with the Baroness). Jax took the guard near the Baroness out quick, as I tried to sneak up on the passenger of the van. The passenger got out though and saw me, pulling out a katana we fought, daggers vs katana. He was pretty good and was holding his own when Rocky punched a guy through the side of the van, we dodged out the way and continued our duel. Rocky was taking car of the driver and then reach through the hole he made in the van and punched the guys head off that I was dueling (I mean that literally). I little bit annoyed I wasn’t able to finish my fight, I throw a dagger in the eye of the guy in the chase car (he was shooting off an AK). He ran screaming and WIld Bill decided to show up, after the fight was done.

The girl seemed okay and we drove off without any pursuers. Told her and Shriek to run out of town, hope they take my advice. Though they do seem a little off, he put a recording device in her place, rather than just meeting in real life and Jax mentioned that she seemed to know about it and not care, weird. Either way, got paid and Shriek offered to help us some time as an information broker.


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