Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

The Order

Wild Bill’s Runners Log-

Got an email from Stanley earlier in the week asking for some help with a new drug hitting the street. I told him that I would look into the drugs but I don’t know if I can get anything. Jax also contacted me wanting to know if Stanley could help her with some homeless murders. Stanley was his normal unhelpful self and told me that he would only help me if I get him the info on the drug first.

Later, Brufus called up to ask the team to meet with up at a church named, Saint Abby’s in the Puyallup. Once we got there I sensed that there was heavy wards and spirits around the cathedral. When we entered I think it was some kind of Atzlan cult.

Jax and Quinn did the negotiating for us in the end we agreed to get some artifacts for the Johnson. A sword, a shield, and a mail shirt were all that the Johnson wanted from the Port of Tacoma, and he gave us a week. We agreed upon a price and left.

Quinn and I left to find a safehouse in the Tacoma area. I know I have a place but I don’t want to get tracked back to my place because of Zipper. Once we found a place Quinn logged into the Matrix while I made myself comfortable. I made some arrangements to pick up some of the drug, Haze, that Stanley wanted. The rest of the team showed up just in time to watch Quinn almost fry his brain. But he made it out alive but his deck was bricked.

Jax was able to patch up Quinn but I had to leave to get to my meet with the drug dealer. I tried to get Rocky to come with me but he had a fight. I met up with Bad Man in the Orkish underground and got my samples of Haze for Stanley. I was able to convince Bad Man that I wanted to get more involved in the business of Haze. Rocky ended up making me some money on beats I placed on him.

Before we go to the Port I met up with Bad Man at Dinkies Donuts in the Barrens. I met up with an elf named McPherson who controlled the supply of Haze. I was able to record and set up a new deal to distribute Haze. I planned on bringing all this info to Stanley which I did but he didn’t realize how effective I was at finding the things he wanted. I met Stanley at the Civic Center train station unfortunately McPherson turned out to be a powerful magic user who attached a spirit to me. It killed Stanley I guess since I tried to run when things went south. I got caught by McPherson who told me I work for him now. I am going to need a new comlink.

After that the team was able to get to Port through the sewer tunnels. We found crates and items that we needed. We had to kill a couple guards but we were able to get away without raising to many alarms. Mr. Johnson was very happy with our work and invited us to work for him again. I don’t know about it they creep me out, but we will see.


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