Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Thursday June 7 2073

Dante's Inferno

Got a call today Thursday June 7 2073 to meet at Dante’s Inferno in Seattle for a job offer from “Machine gun” Mike (Ork), not knowing any better I show up with my pistol in my pocket and spend Nuyen I don’t have on a coat check for it. After wondering around a little bit I meet up with the rest of the crew, Wild Bill and Marshal a couple of ex lone-star’s and Snory (correct spelling?) an Ork poser Shaman. As we search the club and descend further into the layers of hell a man in flashy retro garb who I believe to be Snory in disguise grabs us a table in the dinning room where the Maitre D gives everyone but Marshal a sour look as we are not dressed properly and gives us sport coats to use, however it turns out we are off the mark and Mike is not in the dining hall, so we descend further.

As we reach the gambling parlor we spot an Ork wearing leathers with some patches, I do not recognize the symbolism being new in town but I think the others do (the crimson crush), we approach and sit at the gaming table waiting for an audience. My mirco camera clicks on as I attempt to record what I believe is our contact but before the conversation gets going, a jammer is placed on the table and my recording go to static. Our instructions are flimsy as usual just enough info to get the job done, we are to cross the boarder and go to Aberdeen and find a warehouse listed as the Averson Brothers to pick up some munitions being stored there and take them to a drop point in the barrens. The contacts name is Murphy, an elf and we are to call him before we get there, the deadline is clear, Saturday by Noon. We part ways with Mike and his thugs and go to a nearby watering hole to discuss how we are going to work our angles:

We need a vehicle to carry everything which Snory takes care of by borrowing one from his band mates and apparent gang members.
We need a way to safely cross the boarder (who found this contact?) and we are directed to Diego a coyote, his price is high but we cut a deal for half price if we help him do a run for Mad Dog, an agreement is made and plans are set to meet him south of Aberdeen at mile marker 50 on the 101, the directions we get take us out of the way but security is a concern.

There are other concerns, are the explosives volatile? How to get in and out of warehouse?

We hit the stuffer shack and load up on junk food and caffeine to keep us awake, we have a long way to go before we sleep. Out on the road I drive the van with Snory riding shotgun and Marshal and Wild Bill ride ahead and behind. The trip takes hours but soon enough we are at the mile marker, a drone waiting for us, we hit the number for Mad Dog and him and his crew arrive in dune buggies locked and loaded guns trained on us and draped in leathers with more badges. Another errand another time table, drop a briefcase at the Willing Goblin in the Ork underground and drop to a teenager named Pip in 12 hours, this will be cutting it close.

Upon leaving the meeting point, package tucked in between the music gear of the van, the shaman alerts us to the fact their is a guardian spirit that came with the packages residing in the van, not wanting any trouble we decide it is best to leave it be. We jam over to the district 9 bar, where we meet Murphy our contact, he briefs us and informs us we have been hacked. Not having a hacker of our own we agree to place an item on the computers in the sub basement and he will spoof our signal as well as help us on the run. No other option available on such short notice and the clock ticking we agree. Murphy upholds his end of the bargain and provides us with a HUD map of the warehouse via his drone as well as guard locations. I park the van and begin my stealth approach to the fence surrounding the facility, a couple of snips from my wire cutters and some tip toeing I reach the door. The outer case of the maglock gets torn off as I try to bypass the door security but I get it open with the guard nearby noticing and making his way towards me. I duck into some racks and sticker shock him from behind (provided by Murphy) and let the rest of the crew inside, the guard is relieved of his security card and Snory disguises himself as the downed guard and then in turn calls another guard over which Wild Bill downs with more sticker shock. I creep to the office where the last guard remains a roll a gas grenade in, panic fills me as he hits the alarm before going down, but thanks to Murphy nothing happens. We the guards disposed of the van is brought in and the crates loaded. Now for our next task, we creep down the stairs towards the lower level and Marshal sets up a bead on the two heavily armed security guards at the end of the hall. A fire fight breaks out as we are discovered and Marshal is severely wounded and Wild Bill is poisoned. Snory saves them both from the brink with his magic and I hand over my medkit as I turn to go into the sub basement alone. The elevator stops and I do my best to open it without notice, however Murphy’s drone goes dead for some reason and before my commlink goes out he says “wait! don’t…” Bad news, I am here alone with a job to do, the elevator is locked down so going forward is my only option. Suddenly a loud speaker crackles to life with a threat “give up, I will get the rest of your friends soon enough” No time to waste, the computer room is in front of me covered with bullet proof glass, I stealth to the door and auto pick it open. A gas grenade goes in to deal with the man on the other side but with no time to waste waiting for it to dissipate I don my gas mask and rush to the computer, feeling the effects of the gas but not going down. I stumble through the computer system and get the elevator unlock and the chip in place. From there it is a panic ridden run back to the van where the others await. The drive out is fast and vicious, I don’t like what we have gotten ourselves into but it is about time to start planning an escape from Seattle just in case. Murphy is unceremoniously dumped back at the bar and we cross the boarder with Diego’s help. Time is ticking, the Sun is starting to come up on Saturday, I wait while the others deliver the briefcase to Pip and once again on the road, next stop the barrens. No issues from Mike’s contact at the drop and Nuyen hits my account, it has been almost 24 hours since I have slept last, I part ways with the group, leaving the van with Snory and take my bike home, time for some R&R and to spend some hard earned money. But that is when start to get weird….



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