Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

The Baroness

Drake’s Log <encrypted> (for private use only, any hacker looking at this, FUCK YOU!!!)

Had another group job. Same group as before, except no hacker and an orc joined us named Wild Bill, seems to have some money and connections. Ice contacted me about a friend of his, Shriek, that needed help finding someone and was hoping I could get some runners to help him out, I always have a hard time saying no to Ice, so I contacted the prior group about meeting at a bar called Cathode Glow. Only was missing the hacker, really need to get his name again, his username really can’t be his real alias. Anyway, this place was hacker heaven, tons of games and robots for servers. Shriek was sitting with an Orc, WIld Bill, who seemed to have gotten wind of the job from someone else. Shriek was happy to hire all of us, so it was no problem. It appeared that Shriek’s cyber girlfriend had been missing for a week and wanted us to find her, seemed easy, so we took the job. They apparently played that Shadowrun MMO, not sure why, the last update broke so many classes, together a lot and as we learned from WIld Bill a little later, had a survelliance ferret in her place for 6 months. Wild Bill told us this when he brought us to the back of the bar, freaky place, even took our DNA for some no doubt nefarious purpose. She was an employee of Renraku, so Jax and I deciede to get into her place to investigate further. I was able to find a singles mingle at the her apartment complex, so that gave us our in. Jax was able to determine that she was a hacker and the keycard code by scanning the ferret footage. WIld Bill and Rocky used this time to investigate some speeding tickets from the Barrens and found she was into Street Racing and had lost her car in a bet with the Yakuza, which Bill bought. Jax and I disgused ourselves as humans, as the Renraku are generally racists assholes and got into the single mingle. I had a little trouble disengaging from the ladies, but Jax and I got up to her apartment, used an old thief trick to get through the thumbscan reader and searched it. Found the hacker equpment gone, a smashed ferret and a dead Yakuza in a secret compartment. We took his stuff and the ferret’s data and headed back to the party. Jax left quickly but I had stayed and mingled to not blow my cover. Got to say those Japanese women are eager to please, it was a good night all told.

Turns out the Yakuza had left a motorcycle nearby and I had his keyfab, guess who has a new motorcycle. The ferret showed the Yakuza taking the Baroness, but not without one casualty, guess she’s some kind of mage. We also were able to use the GPS on the bike, car was a bust (had been wiped clean) and some of the group’s mob knowledge to determine she was likely at some club called “Underworld 93”, which was likely run by a dragon. We got down there and WIld Bill was able to talk him and Rocky into the VIP area, I snuck in behind Bill. Jax was able to sweet talk her way in separately. When we got in, the girl was there, working at the controls. Bill tried to say the Yakuza boss that he bought the car from wanted the girl, but they weren’t having it and told us to wait until after the concert (club is also concert hall). So we waited downstairs, Jax was able to seduce her way into staying. This helped out as she told us when the girl was going out back, guess they didn’t believe Bill. We went out the back and tried to ambush the group (3 guys in a van, 1 guy in a chase car and the guy upstairs leaving with the Baroness). Jax took the guard near the Baroness out quick, as I tried to sneak up on the passenger of the van. The passenger got out though and saw me, pulling out a katana we fought, daggers vs katana. He was pretty good and was holding his own when Rocky punched a guy through the side of the van, we dodged out the way and continued our duel. Rocky was taking car of the driver and then reach through the hole he made in the van and punched the guys head off that I was dueling (I mean that literally). I little bit annoyed I wasn’t able to finish my fight, I throw a dagger in the eye of the guy in the chase car (he was shooting off an AK). He ran screaming and WIld Bill decided to show up, after the fight was done.

The girl seemed okay and we drove off without any pursuers. Told her and Shriek to run out of town, hope they take my advice. Though they do seem a little off, he put a recording device in her place, rather than just meeting in real life and Jax mentioned that she seemed to know about it and not care, weird. Either way, got paid and Shriek offered to help us some time as an information broker.

The Order

Wild Bill’s Runners Log-

Got an email from Stanley earlier in the week asking for some help with a new drug hitting the street. I told him that I would look into the drugs but I don’t know if I can get anything. Jax also contacted me wanting to know if Stanley could help her with some homeless murders. Stanley was his normal unhelpful self and told me that he would only help me if I get him the info on the drug first.

Later, Brufus called up to ask the team to meet with up at a church named, Saint Abby’s in the Puyallup. Once we got there I sensed that there was heavy wards and spirits around the cathedral. When we entered I think it was some kind of Atzlan cult.

Jax and Quinn did the negotiating for us in the end we agreed to get some artifacts for the Johnson. A sword, a shield, and a mail shirt were all that the Johnson wanted from the Port of Tacoma, and he gave us a week. We agreed upon a price and left.

Quinn and I left to find a safehouse in the Tacoma area. I know I have a place but I don’t want to get tracked back to my place because of Zipper. Once we found a place Quinn logged into the Matrix while I made myself comfortable. I made some arrangements to pick up some of the drug, Haze, that Stanley wanted. The rest of the team showed up just in time to watch Quinn almost fry his brain. But he made it out alive but his deck was bricked.

Jax was able to patch up Quinn but I had to leave to get to my meet with the drug dealer. I tried to get Rocky to come with me but he had a fight. I met up with Bad Man in the Orkish underground and got my samples of Haze for Stanley. I was able to convince Bad Man that I wanted to get more involved in the business of Haze. Rocky ended up making me some money on beats I placed on him.

Before we go to the Port I met up with Bad Man at Dinkies Donuts in the Barrens. I met up with an elf named McPherson who controlled the supply of Haze. I was able to record and set up a new deal to distribute Haze. I planned on bringing all this info to Stanley which I did but he didn’t realize how effective I was at finding the things he wanted. I met Stanley at the Civic Center train station unfortunately McPherson turned out to be a powerful magic user who attached a spirit to me. It killed Stanley I guess since I tried to run when things went south. I got caught by McPherson who told me I work for him now. I am going to need a new comlink.

After that the team was able to get to Port through the sewer tunnels. We found crates and items that we needed. We had to kill a couple guards but we were able to get away without raising to many alarms. Mr. Johnson was very happy with our work and invited us to work for him again. I don’t know about it they creep me out, but we will see.

Artifacts nabbing for for Creepy guys in Pullyup

It’s the new year Jax’s been helping her mother at the soup kitchen. The rumor mill is in over drive, but something that stands out to you in particular is that a lot of homeless, women, and children are disappearing in downtown. And the real weird part is no one seems to remember them. Worst of all Knight Errant has found a few bodies, and they were in bad shape. Almost as if something wild attacked them, but with human intelligence since it went after the vital parts. Jax decides to contact his group to see if anyone had a contact with the Knight Errant. She finds out Wild Bill had one told him if he could get any info about the bodies found that K-E found what dates they were killed. She tells him she’s trying to find a pattern. Bill contacts his cop friend. Says he would get the info we need if he do a job for him. I guess Bill decides to go forward on it. So he had to get some sample of some new drug.
Get a call from Brufus. He called Rocky, Wild Bill, Quinn and Jax. Has a run for him to get somebody something. Wants us to meet at some place up in Pullyup. For some Port job.
We all get to the ruins of some Church in Pullyup. Door looking new on the church lookout of place. The church looks all sealed up just the front door and some glass work and new stone works done. It also make the look like it was tried to be repair. Wild Bill says he notices some magical wards on the place. As Quinn knocks on the door Bill tries to stop him but too late. The doors opens and an elaborate looking church inside. Quinn notices a cross do Charlamangne. The door closes behind us. Most of us notice other people. Some on the balcony that Bill can see with his assencing.. One in the pews. Jax and Quinn go to sit behind the fellow in the pew. He has a scar on his neck he has some rough calloused hands and a thousand mile stare. He goes onto tells us that he has a job to retrieve 3 artifacts at the Tacoma port shipyard before it goes through customs and with a week. After some negotiations with Quin and Jax and this fellow I the pew. We get offered:
10,000 nuyen per item (3 items)
20,000 nuyen Hazard pay
10,000 nuyen extra from negotiation successes as well.
He sends us the crate numbers that the artifact are in. And send us some photos to all us as to what the artifacts are.
A. A sword (troll size)
B. Shield
C. Chain mail shirt.

Quin finds out who the owner of the Artifacts. He has a list of 40 artifacts.
Quinn hurt himself doing some hacking and Jax steadies the damage and heals him.
After Quinn does some more work finding info on the job, he finds some information about the artifacts we need to nab.
Deider Vaughn who use to work for Saeder-Krupp owns the artifacts. He brought them here for an exhibition. Too bad he’ll be missing a few pieces.
Jax finds out that the shipping port in the TACOMA are run by Knights Errant security.
So she puts together a disguise as a Knights Errant security guard and travels down to the Safehouse that Quinn paid for in Tacoma where she meets up with the rest of the group.

Wild Bill tells Jax that there are some things wrong either uniform. so she goes shopping and some seeing and finally after spending 200 nuyen she was able to come up with. Class one Knight Errants Port Security uniform.

So we try to figure out how we’re going to get into the shipyard port. Jax suggest that we get a coyote to get us in and out. Which cost us 15,000 nuyen. Rocky, Jax, and Bill all pay 5000 to get the coyote which Brufus gets us. Jax calls the coyote and he tells her to meet him at 10 pm at River St. and Washington.

Bill sets up at meeting to trade the drugs to some who’s name is McPherson. Jax and Rocky come to body guard the drug business Jax doesn’t know all the logistic. She only goes as back up body guard. Same with Rocky we both both go with concealed headgear not to give away our appearances.after the exchange we all leave. Jax gets on her bike and goes her own way. Later Bill shows up quite upset. tells me how he thinks his cop contact might not be alive. And that the MCPherson fellow nabbed him. Only confirming to Bill that he works for him. And let him go after some spirit he thinks killed his cop friend.

We meet a coyote . He’s a swarthy looking guy with a beat up looking leather and a hard hat.
He leads us through this sewer. We finally start to smell the sea inside the sewer. We know we’re getting close to the port. We we’re travel about 5 mile to a manhole cover that opens in the cargo area of the port. The group was amazed as to how close he got the to the prize. Quite impressed. Anyhow once we open the manhole cover, everyone quietly sneak on to the surface. Quinn begins to make a move around one of the cargo holds when he almost slams right into a a security man. Jax leaps out of hiding landing blow into the jaw of the guard hoping to knock him down. Then Bill charges foward gutting the guard with some large dagger. Rocky comes foward and gives hima stun punch. Nothing brought him down. Quinn begins to get matrix signals coming from the guard and tells everyone needs to go down now he’s hot. The guard then seems to whip out a stun baton and use it on Rocky. It only tickled him. Jax though was a little nervous. She she uses her Iaijutsu move and whips out her katana and I one swift move strikes the guard down. Bill begins searching the dead guy looking for his commlink. He finds it throws it to the ground and crushes it. Quinn the tells us he still hot. We think out loud. Street Doc. Bill finds the bracelet and crushes as well. Quinn looked over the cargo holds figuring which ones need to be open. He finds the first one on end it and star pulling out crates. Group begins to open the crates.while Quinn does a matrix check and scan the surrounds of trouble. He tells us there a signal coming there way. We split up. Me and Rocky check out one holds as the other two check out the other. Jax has been using the monofilament whip to open the crates. She smile and thinks what a great can opener. The other two notice a security car coming their direct they decide to ambush the guard Jax and Rocky stat silent while the car pulls up. Jax then hears the sound of gunfire thinks great now we really got to hurry. Jax uses the monofilament whip on the locked door of the cargo box. Snaps right off. Rocky opens the door first to see a limousine in the box. Rocky attempts to put his fist through the glass only for the glass to bounce back and hurting his hand. Jax realizes that considering the length of this cargo hold and the limo there might be something behind the car, Jax find some crates that appear to be odd shaped. She opens it to find the last two pieces of the mission. The sword and the shield. They all pack their stuff up enter the sewer and meet up with their coyote named Zeke. He brings them out safely.
Quinn makes a call to the Mr. Allister. Tells us to meet him at the Stuffer Shack. We show them the artifacts in the back of the van we borrowed, they gave us cred sticks with a full 70,000 nuyen that’s a 10,000 added bonus.


17,500 nuyen each
7 karma
Real Tacoma port security uniform
Few pottery pieces, and a magical dagger.
Ares Predator V (Jax wants if no one else)
Mr. Johnson (The Order, Allister) Connect 3 LoyLty ?
Zeke the Coyote. Connection ? Loyatly ?

Shits gettings weird...

“It has been unusually silent on the shadow boards recently. Many of the hackers and technomancers I know have been missing from the feeds for days. This is highly unusual. Rumors are swirling of a new form of the MATRIX being pre-alpha tested. It is said to transport users to other worlds like ours. They can live there for months, but only hours in real time. It is called SANCTUARY. The real disturbing thing is one of my fixers, Utico has disappeared or gone to ground. I try to stop by his safe house to find him…”

I get to Utico’s, the place is locked up tight and no signs of life, I grab a disposal comm and leave it at our usual drop point, with a message to call me if he needs me and I need some gear so he can make some money too. But before I can follow up Brufus calls, something about a job at the port and for me and the crew to meet at St. Abby’s Cathedral for a job.

Lon calls soon afterwords asking about a contact for the cops, he must have some baggage to take care of, I tell him I don’t know anyone and while I wait for my cab I dig into the matrix looking around about this SANCTUARY.

Hackers seem to be disappearing in groups, even some of the top ones like NULL, and once they go offline they are never heard from again. I jack out and go silent as the cab takes me to Puyallup. The old cathedral has a lava flow going through half of it and rather than just walk through the front door I hop up on it and try to go through the lava path but it has been walled back up.

Jaxx, Wild Bill and Rocky show up and poke around a little bit, Jaxx mentions something about some mojo going on around the building but not much I can do about it. We approach the doors and they swing open to reveal an immaculate church. We are greeted by a view of a large Charlemagne cross in the back and a guy sitting in the front row of the pews in the church. Rocky and Wild Bill hang back while me and Jaxx go up to find out what is going on. We sit at the pew behind him and he turns and has the appearance of a black suit, European made with a start of a scar on his neck.

We are to secure several objects from the Tacoma port that are being stored in cargo containers waiting to go through customs. He wants it in a week, the pay is 10K per object and he needs 3 items with 20K hazard pay as well, after some stalling on our part he decides to throw in an additional 10K . He does not know where the crates are in the port but has 3 tracking numbers for us and sends us 3 pictures of the art he wants. Medieval artifacts, a large sword, set of chain shirt and hood as well as a shield that matches his ring.

The items are destined for the Seattle museum of Art and he says to call him when we have the items and a drop off point will be assigned then. I make a call to a brothel in Tacoma and get us a room, on the ride over I hit the matrix looking for the owner of the goods so I can tie it back to the port and find the shipping containers. After some snooping around I find a name, Deter Bohn is the one loaning the artifacts from Hungary, there is about 40 items total and it turns out he is a businessman that used to work for Saeder-Krupp before he went private working securities and exports. – (

The matrix run was going good, _ found the containers being stored behind customs about a 1/4 mile in, all of them being close to one another but then the IC hits and I get dumped, almost bleeding out if it wasn’t for Jaxx. When I crawl back to consciousness my deck has been bricked up. The guys in the meantime are busy, Rocky going for his fights and Wild Bill looking for drugs? I never thought him the type. Jaxx in the meantime gets a Knight errant suit together for any deception that will be necessary.

While I repair my deck we start kicking around ideas to get in and out, which we end up calling Brufus and having him get us a coyote which will meet us near the port in 48 hours. When we all meet the coyote we all appear worse for wear, Rocky looking a little punch drunk, Wild Bill looking a little rattled and Jaxx nervously checking her disguise, I slip on my latex mask and gloves as we follow the coyote through the sewers. After several hours of trekking we come out right in the middle of the port, the coyote Zeke turns out to be worth his wait in cred chips.

As we make our way following the locations I got from the Matrix we encounter a guard and after a short brutal fight he is killed and I scramble the matrix signals pouring from his dying body until his comm link and his Doc Wagon alarm band. We then get to the first crate and throw it open and smash through the crates until we find the chain mail, I alert everyone to incoming matrix signals so me and Wild Bill climb on top the crate to ambush the incoming guard while Rocky and Jaxx head for the next container.

The guard shows up in a car and when he hops out to check out the ravaged container he hears Bill and shoots at him, Bill returns fire but I end up dumping a clip into him and take him down before smashing his comm and doc wagon bracelet.. We make quick work of the other containers grab the goods and split the scene.

The trade off with the Johnson goes smooth although eerie as his convoy surrounds us in a an abandoned donut factory and his crew does not have any trouble with the weight of the sword even though it almost maxed out Rocky.

We earn $17,500 each and 8 Karma also adding “Order Johnson” to our list of contacts at 2 loyalty and 3 connection.

The Auction

Brufus calls us and tells us to meet up with the Spanish Mr Johnson to some random street corner near the Barrens.
We all room up on our bikes to the corner, plus some new guy infancy clothes rid his bike. We meet the new guy we heard about. Kyle: Decker (Technomancer), Jax heard about him in some runner dive. Does good work and reliable.
The group that shows up is:
Wild Bill – Gunslinger/Adept human
Drake- Theaf/Adept elf
Kyle- Decker (Technomancer Human
Rocky- MMA Fighter Troll
Jax- Ninja/Adept elf

At this time 4 trolls on bike come rolling up. Jax knows them by their identity to be called “The Enforcer”. Some go-ganger outfit.
They get off their bike blocking the street. They go up to Rocky asking why their in their Territory. Rocky tries to explain why were here. Wild Bill steps in to try to negotiate when Drake walks up and knocks over one their bikes.

Thinking too rash Jax does something stupid and quick draws her stun baton tries to hit one of the trolls but misses. Bill tries to step in and stop the fight from starting but the leader figures negotiating is way out of the question. Kyle backs away and tries too dissappear. Rocky takes an intimidating stance
The leaders keen back off and take a fighting stance. Two of the trolls take a swing at both me and Drake but miss. Then Rocky takes a hit but it bounces right off him.
Jax then decides it already going on too long. Her monofilament whip come out and attempts to strike the leader. Drake tries to stab one of the other trolls.
Two of the trolls pull out guns and shoots at Jax and Drake. Jax takes a bullet in the right shoulder making her whip arm painful to use. By the end of first round the leader had a slash through his front armor from Jax whip and Drake took the arm of one of the trolls with a gun dropping the gun and his arm. Bill shoots his room sweeper into the leader’s . After the leader drops. The two remaining trolls runaway leaving two bikes. One of the bikes started to take off. Kyle was able to shut down the automatic systems in the bike. One which Drake takes and Rocky take the other. Nice Troll size Harley’s Scorpoins.
While Jax is applying first aide on her wounds. A real fancy car with neon light trimming and a chandler swing inside pulls up. Mr. Johnson opens the car door and immediately comes out saying, something about hiring the gangers to frag with us. Jax was angered as she finishes putting the last gauss wrap on. “Mr. Johnson your a fragging piece of drek that’s what you are.” Before she says more he tells them all to get into his limo.
Auction in town:
Invitation Only.
Obtain an item discreetly
12000¥ ea. It’s is in lot #11 (looks like some Uzi Ares prototype 48,000¥)
Redmond district in a private residence
hosted: Carl Wentworth
Auction is in 48 Hours.
3000¥ up front 9000¥ later and a bonus if done discreetly.
Johnny Tango Mage runner that sometimes runs as a street doc
Heals me up after the run with the Troll gang.
Drake crashes his new Harley trying to take it home and totals it.
We all meet up at the place called the Tipper bar two block down the street from the possible warehouse that we might be buying for our Safehouse. She see a few gang member hanging.
She talks with them finds out that they’re with the “Choloes”.
Later in the Tipper bar after Bill shows up tells us after trying to deceive us that he owes the Choloes a couple of favors from two years back.
After some planning we set up for the mission.
Jax buys a new Ace Diamond female bussiness outfit. 2100¥ cost.
We rent a limousine. Ride up to the building with red carpet to the front door. We all enter the building. We hang out there till the cocktail hour is over. We then hear a chime and an announcement that the auction will begin in the convention room. We see all the items displayed in a roped off area in a square. Rocky notices steel doors that would come down and block all exits.
The Auction goes on and Jax notices that they a
Are bringing the auctioned goods out some door to a cargo elevator.
She commlinks Drake to see if he can find a cargo elevator. He excuse himself from the limo tells the guards he needs to go take a leak. He gets to the rear of the mansion when he notices a delivery area to the back of the mansion. He find a mag lock. Uses his sequencer to open the door (with some edge used).
He gets inside and roam about finding a food storage area. He commlinks us to find out the cargo elevator. We tell him that the elevator is in the middle of the building. He find a locked door to some room that their storing the auctioned items. This was near the cargo elevator in the middle of the building.
He unlocks the door to find a guard in there. He doesn’t notice him. Drake sneaks up from and strangles the guard from behind. He notices some of the cages down in here have people in them. He hides the guard. The he goes to the cage that has some artwork starting price 75,000¥. He gets into the cage. Then the gets himself into the cage and switches out the painting with the forged one he made. Then he get himself set up in a place to put the stealth tags put on the elf who bid on the gun. When the elf goes down the cargo elevator he has 2 guards. She they get down to his level. One of the guards notices the guard Drake strangled hidden away. The guards leave the elf to take a look. That’s when Drake made his play. He takes the moment to tag the elf the he sneaks to the cage where he opens the cage to some vampire named Katrina, some child and an Orc. 3 different cages.
When the vampire was let loose she gives Drake a big hug then she disappeared into mist. Then another guard enters the cage room. The vampire takes him down and starts feeding on him. By this time the lot 11 gun was fold and two other elves got up the same time as the other elf and starts for the front exit. Jax and Bill decide to follow the two elves out the front door without showing too much impoliteness in the auction. Bill and Jax notice the walking towards the loading dock at the back of the mansion. They step over the patio gate looking a little uncouth. Both Bill and Jax get some dirty looks. We follow the elves around to the back of the mansion where they loaded into some van. We all meet at the limo including the vampire lady named Katrina. As we go to the entrance of the mansion we notice that security is high. Drake asked the vampire if she could help. She says that she’ll do what she can. When we pull up to the gate she forcefully moves Rocky to cover her as the inside of the limo goes dark. Her and Rocky disappear as security flashes a flashlight into the limo only to see nothing. “Okay move along”. Kyle got a mark on the stealth tags put on the elf. That was it, but not over. We don’t have the gun yet.

3000¥ up front
8 karma

Auction Climax- Kyle

3/21/15 So a quick account of my last few days and i explain why i am so bloody and beaten. I will start after the group i joined left the auction and we followed the stealth tags that were planted on the person who won. We also had rescued some slaves from the action, a small child two other people and a vampire… yea a freaking vampire!!! I wonder if my brother had been one of these?
We left in our rented limo and i pulled up the tags we planted. The slaves ask that we drop them off, and that seemed like a good idea since we were in hot pursuit of the item we was looking for and it was heavily protected. I plotted their course to end at the docks. Its strange that elves that came from the north (Canada) would take this item to the docks. I tried to check for outgoing ships, but there was no time, so we ditched the limo and call our bikes. We dropped off the slaves at some luxury hotel to. . He must of scanned us as he knew my real name, turns out this guy works for Ares. remind me to call my fixer and get a batter ID. He paid us 2000 nuyen? Didn’t know we even took that job but i will take the cred…
Our bikes arrived and we took off toward the docks, we didn’t beat the item there and it got secured in a warehouse that was closed up tighter then a Knight Arrant facility. It was magically warded and had an electric fence. So we decided to find anothrf way in.
Now the strange thing about this warehouse is it is owed by Tir Tairngire Elves, the elves we followed that won our item was Salish-Shidhe Elves. I am sure after the way we left the place we will be hearing from them sooner then later. while the group looked for another way in, i entered the node of the building. Was easy to get in and i was able to move around fine. i was able to track the tag to be here but could not locate the tag but, i would need to take complete control of the building so i could get the group in. i went into a lab and was able to get some of the information they was working on i made a copy of a file and will have to look at this later. I then tried to go to another node and ran into a security spider or guard, not sure but it was a very hard fight and even with help i could not get past him. After several seconds of fighting i was forced to leave. G.O.D was waiting for me but I managed to jack out and was lucky to escape with my life. I will keep a eye on that warehouse after my nap.
Our new mage healed me enough to walk, and we went down to the sewer. the rest of the team had managed to find another way under the building. I let the team know that no matter what way we went in, they would be waiting for us. we located a door under the building and knowing it was trapped talked about how to get in. Our mage threw a spell and the trap went off bring down the entire ceiling of rubble on us. we knew something liket his would happen and we managed to move out of the way. Up went the team and the fight began.

i was last to go up and when I got up their the fight was in full swing. lucky for us another team decided to take the direct approach and drove a van right threw the front door. so the people inside has us and them to deal with. I located the case in a vehicle but it turned out the gun was already in the office. Not sure who managed to get in their and get it, as I was trying to hack a Humvee to secure our quick escape as I figure reinforcements were on the way by now. The team managed to make quick work of them, as we got the advantage when that other group came crashing through, but they didn’t last long and was out of action quick as their van set off a acid trap

. We managed to get some sweet gear out of the deal along with a nice Humvee for me..
Now to get some rest as the next job will come soon


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