Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Ranz's 15 minutes of fame (part 1)
Zoey, Ben, corps and gangs

Ranz has been doing dirty bar gigs with his band and he is approached by a fashionable Elf in expensive clothes named RE Arcasium (Sunrise – AA corp). He is wanting a favor, get a band signed to his label and Ranz and his band will get a contract for an album. But things always have a catch, the band he wants get on his label is named “Father of Lies” So Ranz and his guys eager for a shot in the spotlight go and a see a FOL show and the band doesn’t really have their shit together.

They have equipment problems, their stage presence isn’t great and their appears to be some internal strife. Ranz approaches the band after the show and tries to get a introduction but the lead singer seems to ignore him so he delves into magical abilities and tries to get more out of him. It turns out FOL was screwed by the label RE Arcasium works for, not getting very far with his own social skills he gives Arthur a call for some help. Arthur soon arrives on site and gets filled in on what the deal is, RE just wants the song writers and doesn’t care about the rest of the band.

The song writers are Zoey Griffin, Ben Kennedy (who is also the guitarists) Ben also has a brother in the band Miles who is the drummer. Arthur approaches the bassist Don for an autograph and bribes him to get into the back and meet the rest of the band. Ranz get an assensing of the guys and it turns out the keyboardist is a technomancer, with Ben and Miles are magicians. Arthur finds out the band is with Top 5 records so they call me to look into things.

Top 5 records is a small to medium record label that has recently had a couple of scuffles with our labels, a bus crash that killed a band that left Top 5 was blamed on the company. Turns out the lead singer of FOL is the son of the chairman of Top 5, Zoey is the original singer of the band but she disappeared about 2 years ago when the band switched labels.

Zoey was a part of Sunrise and fell off the Matrix when she disappeared and about that time she broke up with Ben. I pass along the info I find back to the guys to decide their next move including an email account I found for her which Arthur decides to contacts her, turns out she is still alive and set up a meet at the Alabaster Maiden.

With some downtime the guys bounce over to Zippers and drop off the guns we got out of the last run that had skin links, so they could be switched over to their new users DNA. They then cruise over to the Maiden and wait until well past the meet time and Zoey doesn’t show up, the go to leave and get ambushed outside. They fight and kill their attackers and pull some leathers off of them and identify them as Cholo’s.

The Cholo’s are known to deal in BTL’s and drugs and operate out of the Cat O Nine tails in the Puyallup barrens with ties out in California. I meet the guys are the shoot out and decide to go with them to find out why the Cholo’s attacked them. I give Machine Gun Mike a call and pay him to set up a meet for us.

We grab a cab and cruise down to the bar, and get dirty looks from the Cholo’s around the bar before we get the ok to go meet the boss Ortiz in the back. Because we paid for the meet Ortiz didn’t have us killed on site. Arthur does the social dance and finds out Zoey asked Ortiz for an out of the industry and he gave it to her, she now works as Nightingale over at Matchsticks. We bow out thankful to still be alive and make our way to Matchsticks.

We show up and I sit this one out at the bar and let Ranz and Arthur try to get the deal sealed. Ranz ends up changing his appearance to Ben and convinces her to come over to the record label but we have to have Mark Elben with Sunrise killed and a 5 record deal with 500K up front. Arthus makes the call to RE and he says that is no problem, do what we got to do, the charade plays out and now we just need to play puppet master to Ben and Miles to finish the deal.

A Strike back against Stryker
Don't F**k with Stockwell

Since our last run, the news has got a hold of security footage of the team and with Ranz not having a fake ID, he got his face thrown up for all the world to see and now has a detective after him. So he is trying to buy some info on the guy and will have to figure out how to get that monkey off his back. In the meantime Stockwell wants a meet at a warehouse in the Redmond Barrens, I explain we are down some runners but he still wants us to show up. So I grab a cab and meet Ranz there. Out in the wasteland of the barrens it appears the mob keeps this place in good shape and there is even a green house on the roof, with the black van we dropped the daughter at and a black sedan parked out front.

I ping Stockwell and he invites us in for a chat, we grab seats next to him and Loki on the black leather couch inside. “The Don has a problem” the words coolie eking out of Stockwell’s mouth. “Someone in the Family is trying to displace Guido and you two need to find out who” He thinks it is internal treachery at work, with both Riza and now apparently someone calling themselves SGT. Pepper of the UCAS attempting to frame Kik into offing Guido.

Since we are already in the barrens I share with Ranz that when this “Sgt. Pepper” threatening to expose me the UCAS (which I am wanted as a deserter) called me, I traced the signal nearby in the Redmond Barrens and suggest we try to find the site and see if it has any answers. Stockwell says to call him or Loki if we need help and me and Ranz know with our missing crew members we will need help. The taxi arrives shortly and we head North West towards the trace location.

We cruise for a long time and when the Taxi driver begins to get impatient, he offers to help us out all day for $500, which I agree to since we don’t know how long this will take. As you need matrix access to send calls out here, we kept cruising around until we found some signals to check out, there were several sites but two seemed to be the most promising. A cannery and an apartment building. Ranz suggests the Cannery so we roll over to it first, grab spots to scope it out nearby and then slowly make our way inside. With Ranz invisible and me slinking around we make it to the main cannery room, we found evidence of scrounging going on.

Soon after a drone appears and has Ranz in his site and a few goons come across the way, one wielding a shotgun and demanding to know what we are doing there. Clad in leathers, it takes me a few moments to realize these guys might work for one of Machine Gun Mikes affiliates, but it was too late, Ranz began to influence one of them to blast on the other. Soon the two were blasting each other and forgot all about us, so me and Ranz exited stage right, called the cab and bounced to the apartment building.

A little down the street is another apartment building, a little taller than our target building, so we head inside and up to the top to scope our target. which has several squatters and junkies living inside, we mind our own business and the mind theirs as we reach the top and peer out across the waste to see what we can see. When I compare matrix signals I was called on and this place, I get an exact match and soon after a motorcycle arrives at the complex we are staking out and it is the chick in Red Leathers!I am soon on my comm to Stockwell, “Target in sight, can we get some assistance?” “Be there in 30” Stockwell replies.

Stockwell shows up in power armor and with some help a beautiful Elf named Madison with enough fire power to make and Street Sam drool. She sets up on the roof with a rifle and drones as I approach the building near the motorcycle and I set up a KG of explosives near it in case one of them tries to run for it. Madison pings us “My drone is having trouble getting inside for recon” “Ok, we will see what we can do” with the downstairs entrance locked down tight, me and Ranz make our way to the rooftop, me climbing and Ranz levitating across fro the stake out position.

Ranz lands in some micro wire and gets entangled so I cut a path to him and we try to get the air ducts open for the drone but they all appear to be welded shut. So we cut our way over to the door and auto pick it open, the drone buzzes downstairs as soon as it opens. We wait and Madison soon has an image feed for us of the inside. To our surprise Stryker the woman in Red, an Orc and a man working a computer terminal are all in a room on the 3rd floor and appear to be planning an attack on the Mansion we visited when we first met Stockwell and Loki.

“We crash the first gate” Stryker points to a crudely made diagram of the gated community. “Then we will provide you covering fire while you blow the inside gate” gesturing towards the Orc. Stockwell hits us up “Get them in sight and call me and I will make a distraction” With that me and Ranz began to creep down the stairwell, but soon run into cameras, trip wires and drones set up in the hallway as alarms for intruders. Thinking it over, it appears I need to go on alone as the B&E of the group but Ranz can help and assists me with some of his magic.

Within a few minutes I am dancing around trip wires, sneaking around cameras and drones on my way to the target. It appears this is a runners haven from several modifications to the building, including how Strykers team appears to be in a panic room with barred windows, steel shutters on the windows and a large vault type door, ready to snap shut in case of trouble. I do the best I can and make it to the target but as I toss my first neuro stun grenade into the room, it is apparent they are on to me.

But it will be to late for them, I two grenades into the room before the Red Lady and the Orc go running for it with the vault door closing soon after. Stockwell is soon racking the building with vibrations as he burst through the front door and makes it up to the floor I am on and Ranz descends from the room to intercept anyone trying to get out that way. Stockwell starts into melee with the Red Lady but she dances around him and dives out the window. I mouth a quick message to Madison “Target coming your way, take her out!!” With a response only coming as heavy concussions of rifle fire from out side.

I blow the explosives I planted near the bike earlier just in case Madison cannot take her out, we cannot let her or any one escape. Stockwell quickly crushes the Orc underfoot, however we are getting frantic calls from Ranz upstairs for help, a spirit has shown up and is more than the shaman can handle. Stockwell begins to work over the vault door between him and Stryker. Me and Ranz in a combined effort take out the spirit and as we get back downstairs to Stockwell, he has Stryker and the hacker zipped tied and unconscious from my grenades in custody and making a phone call.

“Thanks, I will wire you some money, I will be in touch and take what ever you want” he gestures to the room. Me and Ranz begin an epic looting spree and even take the Orc to Little Big Time to chop up his cyber ware and sell out for a cut.

Another Job Another Couple Dead Bodies

So Tom how is life? I have been having a good time trying to make ends meet. I think that you should quit the patrol beat and join me. It’s got about the same amount of dirty work as we got when we we run that undercover narco sting. Anyways this last job was supposed to be a easy snatch and grab on top of a hit for that Pimp Killer guy from Cherries. You remember him. We met our contact at this upscale club. They served real food dude. I got down to my favorite pass time which is stuffing my face. I was deep into a plate of nachos when we got ushered into a back room to meet Ms. Johnson. She was some kind of high priced lawyer type. Anyways, Arty got to doing his best to get us a good price on the job Johnson wanted us to do.

Like I said, she wanted us to grab this accountant guy and eliminate the Pimp Killer. She was paying really good for both jobs. Once the terms were settled she left us alone and (best part) she picked up the bill. I got right down to the surf and turf. I need to get this new stomach a test drive. (Dude I will give you the low down on that story later). So once we were done eating we decided to the accountants house. Kik got some info on the guys house. We headed that way. Once we got there I made everybody park near this house party where some kids were getting toasted. Ranz voodoo’d some kids into going over to our target house to TP it. I was laughing my ass off. When the kids headed over there they got roughed up by some boys we met that work for the DON.

That changed everything for us, I called a contact with the DON who told us that they were also looking for the accountant. They also told me that if we took out Pimp Killer they would take it personal. Funny the friends you make when your on this side of the game. So we decided to stay in the good graces of the DON. We approached the guys he had outside the house. We made nice with them and they let us scope out the house. Kik got to checking on the computer while the other guys searched the place. It was already trashed. I got myself a nice painting. It’s hanging over my desk right now. It’s some crazy colory thing. So Arty found out that accountant type likes to gamble a lot. We didn’t find anything else.

Our next stop was the accountants office. I stayed outside while Kik, Ranz, and Marshall went inside. I don’t what happened but next thing I know they are saying they are coming out with a body and Marshall dragging along. So I was going to help out with this security guard. I swear I was only going to zap him into dreamland. But it’s like that time in the Inferno remember that dwarf? My rounds ended up downing the guard. So we grab him and this Asian the guys caught in the office. We boogied on out of there. We had to dump the guard. A cheap funeral you know.

So we took the Asian to a hotel in Tacoma. One of those hourly places. I put the screws to him and got some info from him with Arty’s help. Turns out Yakuza guys have some kind of internal bomb installed. This guy nearly took us all out. Kik was in bad shape. I called Little Big Time who patched up Kik and me. We then headed to this place called the Happy Cat. A Triad gaming place in Tacoma. I know what your thinking but no I don’t have a death wish. So we got to this place and boom there’s our accountant. Ranz nearly exploded his head trying to whammy the guy into leaving. Good on him. Ranz finally got him to get off his table. I nearly botched the whole thing up when he was walking to the door. He finally left but the Triad’s men were not happy. I had to resort to some gun play (again) but the others got the guy and we were done. Crazy right? You need to come play you’d really like it. See you later dude. <message>

The accountant
August 17th 2073

Got a message from Brufus about a job and directions to meet at the Alabaster Maiden (see link below) me and Wild Bill however are under dressed for such a place and we both have to stop and buy cheap suits to get inside. The place is a high end social club and serves real food so in other words out of my league. I grab a seat at the bar and when the bar tender begins to question me if I need service I explain I need to make a phone call and get Brufus on the line and ask who we are supposed to meet. He explains we are to ask for Ms. Johnson and when I relate this to the bartender he grabs the maître d’ and we are taken back to a large dining hall where we find our contact.

The meet starts about 7:30 and Arthur grabs a seat nearest to her and begins his word dance, she explains she is having personal problems and needs the issue resolved. Two targets with our deadline being 48 hours starting at midnight with one being more important target than the other. The pay seems generous, 20K for the first job, 10K for the second and 5K bonus a piece if no one is alerted to our activities.

The first target need to be brought alive and unharmed, his name is Finnegan Lane, an accountant who has recently gone into hiding in Seattle, she provides us with his business card detailing his office on the 22nd floor at Mercer tower downtown and information that he is a known gambler. The second target need to be eliminated with no trace found, his name is Guido the Killer pimp who hangs out at a nightclub called Cherry. She provides us with several news articles about being acquitted of crimes and showing his picture and how he dresses in outrageous suits and him and Finnegan know each other.

We finish questioning the Johnson and as she goes to leave Arthur gets her business card with a name Riza Alera real estate attorney. I pop onto the net and try to track down Finnegan’s DMV records as a way to trace his car to his location and discover he has a house in Renton and license plate for Ford Spiral. Arthur digs up some details about a company called ABM maintenance has the contract for his office building and we may be able to infiltrate using disguises as a cleaning crew.

We all decide to check his house first and I hop into Ranz’s car for the ride as it will take a while for me to complete my DMV search. When we arrive in the area Wild Bill has us park over by a house with a party going on by a bunch of under aged kids. Ranz implants a thought into one of kids heads about messing with Finnegan’s house as a prank, his efforts pay off a little too well and several of the kids end up tee-peeing and spray painting the house before a couple of guys show up in suits and put a violent end to their fun by breaking a kids arm.

Ranz recognizes the guys as the Don’s men from our previous mission, so a call is made out by Wild Bill to Stockwell which ends up being transferred over to Arthur as we divulge our job details to Stockwell. We are informed that we should not go after Guido and should turn over Finnegan to Stockwell for equal compensation as the Don is also looking for him as well as stating their will be another job once we deliver. Upon talking about it we decide we want to keep working for the Don and will take Finnegan to Stockwell instead as well as leave Guido alone.

We all go and approach the Dons men Marcus and Larry and inform them we are working for Stockwell and we want to check out the house, when they confirm it they unlock for us and give us a access card for Finnegan’s Offices (*861) Upon entering the house we find it to have been ransacked and stuff strewn everywhere, we start to search but the condition of the house makes it difficult but we find an access terminal and Arthur finds a personal filing cabinet detailing his expenses and his debts to many casinos like the Green Dragon. I manage to gain access to the terminal at look at the logs of most recent activity which shows him transferring funds from one account to his personal account in the amount of 100K but his personal balance now shows $0. As we all have bills to pay Wild Bill grabs a painting and Arthur several bottles of booze before we leave, when Arthur asks if the Dons men tossed the house they say no it was like that when they got there.

We head straight to Finnegan’s office and see no security posted with a bank of elevators in the center of the building, me Ranz and Marshal stealth inside and jump inside the elevator except Ranz knocks over a plant, misses the elevator and when he tries to follow us up in another elevator misses the floor completely so I go up and bring him back down. Marshal finds Finnegan’s office locked so I work over the security mechanism and get it open where I find a terminal as well as several cred sticks which I pocket. While I start to work on the terminal Marshal gets tazered and go down. Ranz dodges another attack from the unseen assailant but I manage to spot him and bury a Narcojet knife into him. I peel off the attackers camouflage and see he is alive, Asian and unconscious.

Ranz ties him up, disguises himself and heads downstairs but not before we get a call about a security guard checking the broken pot out downstairs, Arthur steps in and distracts the guard while Ranz makes it out with our attacker on his shoulder disguised as cleaning supplies and himself looking like a janitor. I help clean up Marshals puke and search the terminal on Finnegan’s desk and see he used a map soft about 30 hours ago to find a place called the Happy Cat in Tacoma a moving Casino over in the Warehouse district. As me and Marshal goes to leave Marshal is confronted by the security guard and asked why he is there, trying to play it off the guard doesn’t buy it and I attempt to bury a narcojet knife into him but he doesn’t go down. The resulting fight ends when Wild Bill accidentally kills the body guard with Stick and Shock ammo.

We grab the body, throw it in the trunk with the Asian attacker and flee the scene, along the way to a dive hotel we toss the dead security guard into a trash dumpster and Molotov the remains after stripping him. Upon arriving at the dive hotel we wrestle the to question the man who attacked Marshal in Finnegan’s office out of the trunk and drag him into a hotel room with awkward stares coming from several patrons. Arthur and Wild Bill decide to play good cop / bad cop and drag him into the bathroom for interrogation. He speaks Japanese and after some brutality done against him he says he works for the Green Dragon and is trying to get Finnegan because of the money owed to him. As the interrogation goes on Arthur tries to get him to smoke a mind wiping cigarette but the man instead explodes himself and takes out a large chunk of me as well as the hotel.

Barely alive the guys drag me over to Little Big Time who patches me up and gets me back on my feet, my armor ruined and limping along I become the driver to our next stop, the Happy Cat. It is now about 10AM and we have 36 hours left of our original deadline for the Ms. Johnson, we want to grab Finnegan get him to Stockwell and find out what Stockwell wants before any repercussions happen from double crossing the Johnson. I wait in the car as the guys go into Happy Cat where they locate Finnegan gambling away. Ranz tries to manipulate him into leaving but it doesn’t work so Arthur and him begin to play a couple of hands to see if Arthur can convince him to leave. With no luck, Ranz tries again and gets Finnegan to head toward the door, but shakes it off before he gets outside so Wild Bill tries to convince him to leave but the security guards are on to us. As the guards block Wild Bill and Arthur from going near Finnegan as he leaves Marshall grabs Finnegan and gets him in the car but while Ranz makes a break for the car he gets shot bad and goes down.

I toss a thermal smoke to try to cover Ranz so I can get him in the car and Marshall fights with Finnegan in the back seat while Wild Bill and Arthur flee their own separate ways. I manage to get Ranz in the car and we flee the scene back to Little Big Time to get Ranz patched up and turn Finnegan over to Stockwell. It turned into a mess at the end but we got Finnegan to the Don so we hope to stay on his good side.


July 12th 2073
A Mobsters daughter

Line up change: Snory to Ranzeroks, New Character Arthur is a Face

>>> Part I forgot to write down, what did we originally contact Murphy for? I did not add coffee scene even though I wrote it down because I was not there for it <<<

Got a call from Wild Bill about a job through his fixer Vinnie, we are to meet at the Stuffer Shack in the Redmond Barrens to meet up with everyone else before cruising to the mansion for the client meet. As I cruise to the site I take notice that Redmond is divided by the have and have nots, it appears the Yakuza and Mafia run Redmond but there are several gangs laying claim to the Territory. The Brain Eaters, Red Hot Nukes, Rusted Stilettos, Crimson Crush, Silver Roses and the Spiders are also roaming Redmond. Mr. Antlee, a mob boss was our contact for the next job, we are to go to 104 Mockingbird Lane and when we arrived we found it to be a gated community with hard points, roving security drones, micro wire fencing and the Shaman as says the place is magically warded. As it was Wild Bills contact, he hit the buzzer for 104 and we waited about 10 minutes before two black town cars arrive apparently running fossil fuels, upon request we leave our weapons with our vehicles outside the gate as a well dressed suit steps out and asks us to get in, I was here to make money, not enemies, so I got in and kept my mouth shut. The short ride takes us to a large mansion in the middle of the gated community, “A compound in a compound” one of my companions mutters as we arrive to see a five story house with watch towers and it’s own security features. Once at the doorstep we are led inside to a dining room that was a mix of fashion and security, a womens touch in a fortress. Two trolls step out at both doorways, one named Stockwell as big as the door way itself and one smaller for a troll named Loki carrying a sword as big as he was. Mr. Antlee followed shortly behind them, a Mafiosa for sure wearing an expensive suit and greased back hair. I begin to record the transaction just in case and then Mr. Antlee begins to speak, “Before I talk about payment or any details, you must agree to do the job” We all nod to one another, after all that is why we are here. The mobster had a problem, his daughter Valerie was kidnapped this morning around 4AM, and today his wife Victoria has to take a data chip to a coffee house in Seattle the Sierra Madra and make a swap at 7PM, the chip for her daughter. He wants to not only get his daughter back but we will get a bonus if we can secure the data chip, he also does not want any attention brought to him or his organization. Being my line of work I ask to review the security footage and look at were the kidnapping took place to see if any information can be gained. The daughter has a tracking chip on her but the signal went dead around that time, and the don provides us with her medical records showing she has diabetes and is 6 years old with blonde hair. Our only clue is that his biggest rival is the Russians, as the conversation comes to a close he warns “Any harm done to her will be done to you” Arthus speaks up about pay and we quickly commling one another and settle on 15K Nuyen unless he offers more, with some percentage upfront. The Don offers 20K but upon asking if he will pay some upfront a flash of anger is directed at Arthur, we agree upon the price, more than I had expected. With that we part ways and I follow Stockwell to the girls bedroom and begin to work backwards how I would break in, the security footage gives me little, the came over the south wall, a black van, a camera obscured by tree branches and a shadowy figure. However the court yard gave me the big clue, blood smeared on a statue on his run to the house window. Arthur, with contacts throughout the city takes the sample from me and makes arrangements to get it over for analysis. Wild Bill has to make a run to his place to grab his gear, Arthur needs to get the sample to his contact while Ranz and Marshal head to the coffee shop to get situated and pull up a map of the coffee shop where the meet is to go down, it is in a tourist area off of Market Street about a 1/2 mile from the Orkish underground. The Ork underground? I know someone… I give Pip a ring and ask if there is anything going down tonight, he mentions some gang clash between the Diablo’s but nothing like what I am looking for, with that I make a terrible mistake, I ask Pip to lead me through the Ork underground to the entrance to the coffee shop. With that decision I miss the meet with the wife at the coffee shop and come out of the drain in time to learn the meet went bad, the Wife is hurt and the assailant got away.

>>> Insert coffee shop scene here <<<

I get a message from Arthur with pictures of what happened, with mention of a phone call he got where we get a second chance at a meet in the Ork underground at the Goblin Market. Just about the time I begin my climb to the road side the Woman in a red jumpsuit, the very one who handed 4 of my companions their asses crosses me path full throttle on her bike heading for the underground. I put my new computer skills to work, hack her signal and get a trace trying to find where she is heading. I only get a short trace but no exact location to where she is going. My commlink chirps as everyone on the line gets messaged from Arthur, Hammond Drothers, AKA Stryker is a B&E expert who the blood belongs to, he is wanted by the Russians and Knight Errant. Not going to foul this up again I immediatly call a cab and get a ride to the Market, where and I meet Pip and have him look for our target while I monitor nearby commlink traffic. Pip finds our target and I pay him handsomely to get me close, where I begin my creep of the group, a human, Ork, the female biker and Stryker. I pop a live feed to everyone and catch wind of Stryker saying “Once the trade is done, kill the Girl” We the meet time approaching everyone gets in position and one of Strykers team, the Human peels off from the rest and a short time later Wild Bill reports in “One down” three to go. Maintaining my stealth I follow the group and just as Stryker calls out for Marshal, Ranz and Arthur to not come any closer a neuro stun grenade leaves my hand, set to explode on impact. The Ork does his best to catch it, but he is too slow even with all his cyberware. The fight gets brutal as Stryker vanishes, the Ork goes down from the gas grenade, Arthur takes him out with several shots, and Wild Bill ends up playing tug of war with the daughter and the Woman who ends up pumping Wild Bill full of holes and drops him. She and Stryker appear to flee, with Ranz going down some time during the fight and Marshal ending up with the daughter, we haul ourselves out of the underground, turn the daughter over to the Mafia and get paid! I take Wild Bill to his street doc contact and wire money to Arthur to pay his forensics expert. Bill calls Murphy to find out what we owe him, but Murphy only replies “I will get back to you on that” Damn, now we owe Murphy a favor, the guy who almost got us killed the last run.

>>> End message <<<


Thursday June 7 2073
Dante's Inferno

Got a call today Thursday June 7 2073 to meet at Dante’s Inferno in Seattle for a job offer from “Machine gun” Mike (Ork), not knowing any better I show up with my pistol in my pocket and spend Nuyen I don’t have on a coat check for it. After wondering around a little bit I meet up with the rest of the crew, Wild Bill and Marshal a couple of ex lone-star’s and Snory (correct spelling?) an Ork poser Shaman. As we search the club and descend further into the layers of hell a man in flashy retro garb who I believe to be Snory in disguise grabs us a table in the dinning room where the Maitre D gives everyone but Marshal a sour look as we are not dressed properly and gives us sport coats to use, however it turns out we are off the mark and Mike is not in the dining hall, so we descend further.

As we reach the gambling parlor we spot an Ork wearing leathers with some patches, I do not recognize the symbolism being new in town but I think the others do (the crimson crush), we approach and sit at the gaming table waiting for an audience. My mirco camera clicks on as I attempt to record what I believe is our contact but before the conversation gets going, a jammer is placed on the table and my recording go to static. Our instructions are flimsy as usual just enough info to get the job done, we are to cross the boarder and go to Aberdeen and find a warehouse listed as the Averson Brothers to pick up some munitions being stored there and take them to a drop point in the barrens. The contacts name is Murphy, an elf and we are to call him before we get there, the deadline is clear, Saturday by Noon. We part ways with Mike and his thugs and go to a nearby watering hole to discuss how we are going to work our angles:

We need a vehicle to carry everything which Snory takes care of by borrowing one from his band mates and apparent gang members.
We need a way to safely cross the boarder (who found this contact?) and we are directed to Diego a coyote, his price is high but we cut a deal for half price if we help him do a run for Mad Dog, an agreement is made and plans are set to meet him south of Aberdeen at mile marker 50 on the 101, the directions we get take us out of the way but security is a concern.

There are other concerns, are the explosives volatile? How to get in and out of warehouse?

We hit the stuffer shack and load up on junk food and caffeine to keep us awake, we have a long way to go before we sleep. Out on the road I drive the van with Snory riding shotgun and Marshal and Wild Bill ride ahead and behind. The trip takes hours but soon enough we are at the mile marker, a drone waiting for us, we hit the number for Mad Dog and him and his crew arrive in dune buggies locked and loaded guns trained on us and draped in leathers with more badges. Another errand another time table, drop a briefcase at the Willing Goblin in the Ork underground and drop to a teenager named Pip in 12 hours, this will be cutting it close.

Upon leaving the meeting point, package tucked in between the music gear of the van, the shaman alerts us to the fact their is a guardian spirit that came with the packages residing in the van, not wanting any trouble we decide it is best to leave it be. We jam over to the district 9 bar, where we meet Murphy our contact, he briefs us and informs us we have been hacked. Not having a hacker of our own we agree to place an item on the computers in the sub basement and he will spoof our signal as well as help us on the run. No other option available on such short notice and the clock ticking we agree. Murphy upholds his end of the bargain and provides us with a HUD map of the warehouse via his drone as well as guard locations. I park the van and begin my stealth approach to the fence surrounding the facility, a couple of snips from my wire cutters and some tip toeing I reach the door. The outer case of the maglock gets torn off as I try to bypass the door security but I get it open with the guard nearby noticing and making his way towards me. I duck into some racks and sticker shock him from behind (provided by Murphy) and let the rest of the crew inside, the guard is relieved of his security card and Snory disguises himself as the downed guard and then in turn calls another guard over which Wild Bill downs with more sticker shock. I creep to the office where the last guard remains a roll a gas grenade in, panic fills me as he hits the alarm before going down, but thanks to Murphy nothing happens. We the guards disposed of the van is brought in and the crates loaded. Now for our next task, we creep down the stairs towards the lower level and Marshal sets up a bead on the two heavily armed security guards at the end of the hall. A fire fight breaks out as we are discovered and Marshal is severely wounded and Wild Bill is poisoned. Snory saves them both from the brink with his magic and I hand over my medkit as I turn to go into the sub basement alone. The elevator stops and I do my best to open it without notice, however Murphy’s drone goes dead for some reason and before my commlink goes out he says “wait! don’t…” Bad news, I am here alone with a job to do, the elevator is locked down so going forward is my only option. Suddenly a loud speaker crackles to life with a threat “give up, I will get the rest of your friends soon enough” No time to waste, the computer room is in front of me covered with bullet proof glass, I stealth to the door and auto pick it open. A gas grenade goes in to deal with the man on the other side but with no time to waste waiting for it to dissipate I don my gas mask and rush to the computer, feeling the effects of the gas but not going down. I stumble through the computer system and get the elevator unlock and the chip in place. From there it is a panic ridden run back to the van where the others await. The drive out is fast and vicious, I don’t like what we have gotten ourselves into but it is about time to start planning an escape from Seattle just in case. Murphy is unceremoniously dumped back at the bar and we cross the boarder with Diego’s help. Time is ticking, the Sun is starting to come up on Saturday, I wait while the others deliver the briefcase to Pip and once again on the road, next stop the barrens. No issues from Mike’s contact at the drop and Nuyen hits my account, it has been almost 24 hours since I have slept last, I part ways with the group, leaving the van with Snory and take my bike home, time for some R&R and to spend some hard earned money. But that is when start to get weird….



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