Shadowrun Seattle 2073 - On The Run

Auction Climax- Kyle

3/21/15 So a quick account of my last few days and i explain why i am so bloody and beaten. I will start after the group i joined left the auction and we followed the stealth tags that were planted on the person who won. We also had rescued some slaves from the action, a small child two other people and a vampire… yea a freaking vampire!!! I wonder if my brother had been one of these?
We left in our rented limo and i pulled up the tags we planted. The slaves ask that we drop them off, and that seemed like a good idea since we were in hot pursuit of the item we was looking for and it was heavily protected. I plotted their course to end at the docks. Its strange that elves that came from the north (Canada) would take this item to the docks. I tried to check for outgoing ships, but there was no time, so we ditched the limo and call our bikes. We dropped off the slaves at some luxury hotel to. . He must of scanned us as he knew my real name, turns out this guy works for Ares. remind me to call my fixer and get a batter ID. He paid us 2000 nuyen? Didn’t know we even took that job but i will take the cred…
Our bikes arrived and we took off toward the docks, we didn’t beat the item there and it got secured in a warehouse that was closed up tighter then a Knight Arrant facility. It was magically warded and had an electric fence. So we decided to find anothrf way in.
Now the strange thing about this warehouse is it is owed by Tir Tairngire Elves, the elves we followed that won our item was Salish-Shidhe Elves. I am sure after the way we left the place we will be hearing from them sooner then later. while the group looked for another way in, i entered the node of the building. Was easy to get in and i was able to move around fine. i was able to track the tag to be here but could not locate the tag but, i would need to take complete control of the building so i could get the group in. i went into a lab and was able to get some of the information they was working on i made a copy of a file and will have to look at this later. I then tried to go to another node and ran into a security spider or guard, not sure but it was a very hard fight and even with help i could not get past him. After several seconds of fighting i was forced to leave. G.O.D was waiting for me but I managed to jack out and was lucky to escape with my life. I will keep a eye on that warehouse after my nap.
Our new mage healed me enough to walk, and we went down to the sewer. the rest of the team had managed to find another way under the building. I let the team know that no matter what way we went in, they would be waiting for us. we located a door under the building and knowing it was trapped talked about how to get in. Our mage threw a spell and the trap went off bring down the entire ceiling of rubble on us. we knew something liket his would happen and we managed to move out of the way. Up went the team and the fight began.

i was last to go up and when I got up their the fight was in full swing. lucky for us another team decided to take the direct approach and drove a van right threw the front door. so the people inside has us and them to deal with. I located the case in a vehicle but it turned out the gun was already in the office. Not sure who managed to get in their and get it, as I was trying to hack a Humvee to secure our quick escape as I figure reinforcements were on the way by now. The team managed to make quick work of them, as we got the advantage when that other group came crashing through, but they didn’t last long and was out of action quick as their van set off a acid trap

. We managed to get some sweet gear out of the deal along with a nice Humvee for me..
Now to get some rest as the next job will come soon


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