List of Locations

Bars / Clubs

The Willing Goblin

A dive bar in the Orcish underground. You want seedy, where they only play one song on loop and only serve one beer. This is the place to hatch a deal.

The Cathode Glow Cafe

A dank technomancer / hacker paradise in downtown. If it is technological in nature, it exists at the cathode glow cafe. Be forewarned you will be tagged, followed, and potentially hacked.

Dante’s Inferno

Modeled after Dante Alighieri’s poem the Divine Comedy. The club descends into the Seattle underground. If the inferno is laid out the same as the poem it should follow the

2.1 First Floor (Limbo) – The uninitiated, outsiders, and unwanted stay here. Mainly those who don’t pay the cover charge.
2.2 Second Circle (Lust) – If hell had a tactful strip / dance club this is it. Private rooms for VIPs are avalable.
2.3 Third Circle (Gluttony) – A floor of 3 restaurants. A buffet. A fine dining establishment. And an all night dinner.
2.4 Fourth Circle (Greed) – If there is a way to make money its here.
2.5 Fifth Circle (Anger) – VIP Only
2.6 Sixth Circle (Heresy) – VIP Only
2.7 Seventh Circle (Violence / Wrath) – VIP Only
2.8 Eighth Circle (Fraud) – VIP Only
2.9 Ninth Circle (Treachery) – VIP Only

The Alabaster Maiden

Aptly named for the magician rumored to be entombed in alabaster in the center of the restaurant. This restaurant has become one of the premiere dining establishments in Seattle. Caters to the business, political, and magical elite. No prices are ever listed. All food is fresh and made to order. Best of all the meat and fish are fresh and largely uncontaminated.

Happy Cat Casino

A mobile casino that moves through out the Seattle area. Run by the Golden Lotus Triad

The Green Dragon

A Yakuza run restaurant, no meta-humans are typically allowed without good reason. There are rumors that the Yakuza run a casino / black market out of parts of the restaurant normally not seen by the public.

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The Orcish Underground

Big Italy

List of Locations

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