Totorelli Crime Family

Run with an iron fist by Don Arturo Tortorelli, the Tororelli family has been in charge of Seattle since before the night of rage in 2039. The Don in his late 40s has run the family, since the conviction and death of his father by astral severing in 2061 for over 120 counts of murder and racketeering.

In the last 10 years the Don has changed the family’s image, and has become a well respected businessman and entrepreneur. The Don owns several clubs and restaurants in the area, such as:

La Bella Giardino

Dante’s Inferno

The Scrapyard


He is also known to be on the board of Directors for several Import / Export businesses, and a few matrix start-ups.

The family reports directly to the Don and lives in the Tacoma Area of ‘Big Italy’.

Totorelli Crime Family

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