List of Runs

Run 1 – The Everett Brothers Warehouse Heist (Karma 6, Nuyen – 60,000)

The runners are hired by Machine Gun Mike to retrieve / deliver a crate of goods to the local crimson crush gang. While on the run they are given two extra jobs, one by the hacker, Murphy, that Machine Gun Mike arranged for them to meet at the site, and one from the Coyote’ they hired to get them across the border. The job Murphy gives them is to grab some data off a secure computer terminal in the basement of the warehouse. The other job is to take a package to Pip in the Orcish underground. The runners somehow pull it all off and make some decent pay.

Run 2 – The Mob Bosses Daughter (Karma 8, Nuyen – 100,000)

Wild Bill got a call from his contact Vinnie who said that the Don, might have a job for him and his team. The team meets at the entrance to ‘Big Italy’ in the Redmond suburbs, it is a walled off compound well away from any neighbors. The area is the size of a small village contains several city blocks, stores and a school. It looks pretty secure and self contained.

The Runners met with Anthony “The Ant”, who informed them that the Don’s daughter was abducted. They needed a group to shadow the Don’s wife who was to trade a credit chip for Don Totorelli’s daughter who had been abducted. The team successfully determined a runner known as Stryker had abducted the daughter. The group shadowed the Don’s wife, but got too close. Another runner tried to take the chip, but was intercepted. This lead to the team without the Don’s daughter and the kidnappers aware of their presence.

The team was called by an unknown number telling them to come to the Orcish Underground with the chip in 2 hours. The team tried to set up an ambush, but did not srping the trap soon enough. Stryker shot Wild Bill, and got away from the group using his magical prowess. Luckily the group got the Don’s daughters in the botched ambush and returned her to Stockwell.

Run 3 – Finnegan Lane & Guido (Karma 8, Nuyen – 100,000)

The team was hired by the Lawyer Riza, in order to abduct Finnegan Lane, a banker, and assassinate Guido “The Killer Pimp”. She offered the team 20,000 a member for abducting Lane and 15,000 a head for offing Guido in the next 48 hours.

The team investigated Lane’s house and found out the mafia was watching out for him. After talking to the Marco one of the mafia members the group received a call from Stockwell. Stockwell told them he would pay them the same amount to find Lane, and warned them off assassinating Guido since he was a ranking family member. After searching his apartment the team found a few gambling markers for various casinos, but determined that they needed to visit his office for more info.

At the office the group found that Lane was at the Lucky Cat Casino, which moves around Downtown and Redmond in the industrial parks. As they went to leave an assassin attacked them in a stealth suit, they knocked him out through the use of one of Kik’s Narcojet knives. They took him with them and caused a scene while leaving to distract the security guard.

They took the assassin to a hourly motel, and started to interrogate him. When they threatened to kill him if he wouldn’t talk, they made the mistake of leaving him alone. Next time the entered the room he activated some sort of explosive, he damaged Kik’s suit resulting a trip to Little Big Time.

After helping Kik, they went to the Lucky Cat Casino. Ranz unsuccessfully tried to use magic to make Lane leave. But as with many things they were impatient and abducted Lane by force causing a fire fight out front of the casino. Ranz took several bullets, and went down. The team grabbed him and Lane and left. Unfortunately, Knight Errant made Ranz vehicle and want him for questioning.

Run 4 – The Takedown (Karma 6, Nuyen – 50,000)

Run 5 – Huh, Guess they only can play 3 chords (Karma 2, Nuyen 0, Get Ranz band a Recording Contract)

List of Runs

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